Valentine’s Day Sensory and Imagination Bin

We have a new Valentine’s Day Sensory and Imagination Bin!

Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

I absolutely love changing out the sensory bin!  I am silly like that, but the joy I get in creating a new one makes up for all of the sorting and cleaning I have to do to put the old one away!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the winter sensory bin for several weeks and they even helped me sort the bin and put it away the other day ~ knowing that I would be preparing a new one behind the scenes!  They love sensory bin revealing day!  Believe it or not, Pac Man gets the most excited about it!

For this bin I went with 3 ideas in mind…hearts, red and pink!

IMG_5950I have been collecting fun little heart things for years so I had a lot of that and even my mom sent me a sweet package with some items she found in the dollar section at Walmart and Dollar Tree!

I also went through our toys and gathered a wide variety of pink and red items.  The kids always love finding their toys mixed into a bin!  Not everything I have was in the bin today, I gradually add things in over the weeks while it is out.

Here’s a peek at their bin time the first day…


The bracelets were a BIG hit with Ladybug…

IMG_5976   IMG_5974


They all loved making shakers out of the little heart containers…IMG_5989


IMG_5992  IMG_5998

We always have tons of fun sorting and counting with our bins.  This red serving tray was perfect for this tub!IMG_6017

A bit of info on where I got some of the stuff:

  • red spikey balls, squishy heart bracelets and heart slinky things were from Walmart
  • wooden hearts with designs on them were from bead packets at Michaels
  • mini plastic heart containers, hard plastic heart bracelets were from Dollar Tree
  • heart buckets are from Dollar Tree, AC Moore, Michaels and JoAnn
  • heart shaped cookie cutters were from this set, and a set I got last year from AC Moore
  • RED and/or PINK stuff: Learning links, unifix cubes, mini letters{Walmart}, large wooden beads, pom poms, clothespins, spoons, jewels, beads, color squares, bottle tops, stirring sticks, popsicle sticks

I also have collected a wide variety of items from Oriental Trading over the years.  I can’t even remember all that I have gotten from them, just search around in their seasonal shop and you’ll find tons of fun bin stuff!

Looking for more inspiration?  Here are some bins I found while searching around online {if I missed yours, please leave a link to it in a comment on this post}!

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