Tot School ~ Starring Ladybug!

~Ladybug is currently 12.5 months old~

It’s official, she is now the star!!!! Although she is now the Tot School star, she did sorta take a backseat this week as I focused a lot on the launch of K’s new preschool program. I did play with Ladybug a lot, just didn’t have the camera nearby a ton, so there aren’t many pictures!

You’ll notice the posts will be MUCH more simple here for awhile while she is so young. We just play and have fun, so there’s no need for the many categories! I am excited to highlight my baby girl here now and hope you enjoy following her journey along with me!

Ladybug loves playing with her brothers in the schoolroom, one of her favorites is our bristle blocks {I have heard they have a newer version of these great blocks at Target}


She played a TON with our Playskool Busy Gears too… IMG_6634

…putting the gears on a sick was super fun! IMG_6638

She loves this awesome toy and is really trying to put the coins in herself. She still can’t quite get them in, but she definitely is trying!IMG_6764 copy

She loves her new purse and giggles when she makes the zipper sing 😉IMG_6791 copy

Ladybug is great at playing ball! To our surprise, she picked up the ball rolling skill much faster than the boys did when they were young! She will consistently roll it right back to you!IMG_6823

It was super hot here, so she enjoyed her first swim out in our backyard! She spent much of her time like this, watching her brothers {when she wasn’t eating the toy lizards}!IMG_7006 copy

She practiced her social skills with her buddy Drew, we call them “Chub and Chubette”IMG_6501 copy

Poking your friends is a nice thing to do, good job Ladybug!IMG_6490 copy

Moms Favorite

Ladybug is crawling everywhere now and follows us around ;-). She was crawling into the schoolroom, when she tried to touch a vacuum cleaner and I firmly told her “no”…IMG_6725 copywhich led to this immediate overly dramatic, girly-breakdown…IMG_6730 copywhich lasted all of 15 seconds until she spotted something else she liked 😉IMG_6732 copy

Oh girls, already so different than boys!

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If you’d like to see what Ladybug got for her 1st birthday you can see here on her blog.

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