Raising Rock Stars ~ Joshua


Daddy has been reading the book of Joshua to the boys from our NIV Bible in the mornings lately and he recently finished it! Perfect timing to have a family night recap of the battle! Daddy began our evening by reading the book, Toot, Toot {and he couldn’t stop laughing every time he read the word toot, yup he’s the king of maturity}IMG_7103

Krash colored a horn {I just grayscaled a clipart horn and blew it up}IMG_7111 IMG_7118

Pac Man completed a crossword puzzle about the story, working with Daddy out of the Bible…IMG_7112

Of course, we had to sing “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho…IMG_7121

& the walls came tumbling down”…IMG_7125 After our fun, we watched the Veggie Tales DVD-Josh & the Big Wall, it was a fun night!

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