Tot School @ The Beach

~Ladybug is currently 14 months old~

Ladybug got to spend the past week with her extended family {Daddy’s side} down in NC at the beach! IMG_1383She had a wonderful week, we all enjoyed her so very much ~ she is such a sweet & fun baby! Here’s a few highlights from her time at the beach…

She loved the pool we had set up underneath the house…IMG_0996

Riding in the golf cart with Daddy was a BIG HIT, she loved it!IMG_1055

We let her try a popsicle, her reaction was amusing…


She hung out inside a lot with Nana, one of her favorite activities was playing with the cups on the cooler {putting them in and out of the holes on top}IMG_1291

She got LOTS and LOTS of extra snuggling 😉


She wasn’t crazy about the ocean, but she didn’t hate it either. We only took her on one day, mainly so I could take her picture 😉IMG_1697IMG_1747

Her BIG accomplishment of the week, she can now pull up on her own! This a big deal for our little lazy-bones. She mastered this on the last day and is now a pull-up master!IMG_1842

She did a really great job getting even cuter this week too. Those little gappy teeth just melt my heart!IMG_1911