Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ 1st Review Unit


I created the first review unit for Raising Rock Stars Preschool! I hadn’t planned on creating this but the idea popped into brain and I thought it would be good for Krash. As I have shared before, I need things simple and similar, I am a creature of habit and will often feel very scatter-brained with out structure. This is the whole reason I designed RRSP with the main board and notebook {see a new video about the notebook here} in mind. I created the review unit the same way, so as we move along I can add printables from each review unit to the rings and have a complete set when we are done!

You don’t necessarily need to take a week to do a review unit, but could use these materials as a supplement for ongoing review. We will probably do an entire review week when we get home from the beach {we are actually there right now-this post is set to auto-publish}. I will have another post to share how we use our review materials.

I printed the pages on regular paper and laminated, punched a hole and used a metal ring to attach different parts. Included in the review unit:

  • Find the Letter Sheet {I included 2 of each letter-upper and lower case, I laminated ours and plan to have K use a dry erase marker to find certain letters}
  • Bible Verse Cards
  • Sight Word Cards {which K will not be using much yet, he is not grasping sight words at all, and that’s totally fine! The light will click soon enough and we’re ready when it does!}
  • Letter Writing Cards {3 versions so you can choose which you like best. I used 2 and laminated back to back so I can have Krash trace on either} This photo show the front of E and the back of F.


  • Beginning Sound Cards {these can also be used for tracing inside of the letter, which is why I made the letter puffy}


  • Number/Shape/Color Cards {I laminated them back to back so K could work on identifying the number and then flipping the card over to count to check}


The review units are only in the RRSP Bundle!