Pac Man Loves…

I get asked a lot about Pac Man, since I don’t write about him as much as the younger set. I don’t anticipate that changing, but would like to do better.

There is a reason I write about the younger crew more…I am more comfortable with that age range! I am educated in early childhood development! I always joked when I was in college, I never wanted to teach higher than Kindergarten because they would probably be smarter than I was!!! But here I am about to teach 3rd grade and we are doing just fine. But, I am no expert with the upper grades, by any stretch! I am learning as I go and enjoying our journey together! So, I will try to better with sharing about Pac Man and a few of his “loves” similar to his Stacking Cup post I did a few weeks ago.

We recently found a website {free} that is AMAZING, and one I so wish someone would have told me about years ago. It is called but don’t let the name fool you, it is not just multiplication.

I Googled “memorizing multiplication facts” and this site came up. I jumped over and began looking around and fell in LOVE! In a nutshell here’s why…

  • Self Correcting, Timed, fact family quizzes…for all 4 operations!!!!!!!! Multiplication shows up by default but if you want addition, subtraction, or division, the links are right there above the quizzes! You can have your child do these online {what we are doing}, or even print them yourself…whatever works for you. The possibilities are endless for using this site to help with fact memorization.
  • GAMES! Pac Man really enjoys these simple games, which are really helping with his multiplication skills.

They have TONS more, you’ll have to just look around. They have a whole system and books to go along with it also {although we aren’t using that portion}. I am personally the most thankful for the quizzes and simple games. I even made Pac Man a spreadsheet to record his quiz results to challenge himself to get better and faster! He is a competitor so this has really helped him! You can download my spreadsheet here if you’d like to use them! I printed 4 copies and he circled which operation at the top and recorded his times and info on the separate sheets {although he isn’t using the division one yet}.