Let’s Explore Colors ~ PowerPoint Show

Fun with Colors PowerPoint Show


I am excited to share an all new Let’s Explore Colors PowerPoint Show! This new PowerPoint show is included in the Members Only PowerPoint section, which is a one time fee of $20.

There are 4 different animated slides for each color {red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, white}.

Let's Explore Colors PowerPoint Show from 1 1 1=1


Each color begins with a collage of items which each come up one a a time when your child clicks {or swipes on an iPad}. Then there are 3 sentences to help with early literacy development. Next there is a solid color slide to allow your child to think of other things that are that color. Finally, there’s an animated slide to focus on the spelling of the color word. The top sentence disappears and gives your child a chance to try to spell the word as the letters pop up one by one with a click {or a swipe}.


Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Color  (2)Color  (3)Color  (4)Color  (5)Color  (6)Color  (7)Color  (8)Color  (9)Color  (10)Color  (11)Color  (12)Color  (13)Color  (14)Color  (15)Color  (16)Color  (17)Color  (18)Color  (19)Color  (20)Color  (21)Color  (22)Color  (23)Color  (24)Color  (25)Color  (26)Color  (27)Color  (28)Color  (29)Color  (30)Color  (31)Color  (32)Color  (33)Color  (34)Color  (35)Color  (36)Color  (37)Color  (38)Color  (39)Color  (40)Color  (1)

Here is a video tutorial for how to get PowerPoints playing on your iPad. If you are already a member and interested in using PP shows on your iPad, this is how!

Grab your lifetime membership for $20.00! 

20 Home Use

Members Only PowerPoint ~ Unique Learning Shows for Kids


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USA Geography PowerPoint Updated

USA PowerPoint

Years ago I created the USA Geography PowerPoint and used it to teach my oldest son basic facts about U.S. states.  I will be using this PowerPoint show this coming year with my youngest children {1st and 4th grade} and updated it to be used on our iPad via the PowerPoint app!  I also made a few other changes, which I will share below.

Changing the font to Century Gothic was one of the big changes.  This change allows the shows to be viewed on iPads with out font distortion.



The other major change was making the capital city clearer.  I changed the graphics and text to showcase the name of the city more, which you can see below in the top left corner.

USA PowerPoint


This show is included in my Members Only PowerPoint section, which is currently a one time fee of $15.  This private section, containing this PowerPoint show and many others, is getting a complete makeover and will be increasing in price very soon {going up to $20}. If you aren’t a member of our PowerPoint section yet, now is the time, before the price increase!

The PP shows are animated, which makes screenshots a bit pointless. So, I made a little video walking you through how it looks on our iPad, it will look the same on a computer too. I just used our iPad for this video.


I also made a tutorial for how to get PowerPoints playing on your iPad.  If you are already a member and interested in using PP shows on your iPad, this is how!


What about Android? We don’t have any Android devices but there is a PP app in the Google Play store here.  So, it should work the same.  Sadly, Kindle Fire does not support the PowerPoint app, so it won’t work on a Kindle Fire. We have one and I tried.

Grab your lifetime membership for $20.00!   Click here to see other PP shows included in Members Only PowerPoint.

Members Only PowerPoint Shows from 1 1 1=1

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United States Geography Homeschool Plan for Elementary

Grammar 1 ~ PowerPoint Show

I have a new PowerPoint show available in the Members Only PowerPoint section, featuring  Grammar. The show is based on PacMan’s 4th grade grammar curriculum, from his first several lessons.  I hope to make more of these throughout the year, as I know they are great teaching tools and even better review tools.


Each slide is animated {although you can’t see that here in the screenshots}.  The answer is hidden to allow thinking and then pops up on a click for immediate self correction.

Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 Slide9

In the subject/predicate section, the subjects and predicates change color to blue and red upon the click to show self-correction.

Slide10 Slide11


PacMan used this show to review for his lesson 20 assessments and told me it was VERY helpful. Winking smile

You can access this show in the Members Only section of my website.  If you are not a member already, you can learn more info here.  See what is in the Members Only section now and what is coming soon here!


Understanding RRSP, YCR, and MO

This post was originally written in September 2011, and was updated in June 2014.


I know, I know…I have weird names and sometimes things on my site are hard to understand. It seems that the paid items I offer tend to be the most confusing and I can understand why. I hope this post explains a bit more about what they are and include.

#1 Members Only PowerPoint Section {often referred to as MO}

1 members only2

The MO section should have a better name, I know. When I launched it, I was new and just came up with a generic name. In hindsight, I should have been more specific and named it something like POWERPOINT SHOWS. I think it would cause even more confusion if I changed the name now, so I will just keep explaining it to new people!

The Members Only PowerPoint section is $15 to join and is a LIFETIME membership. There is no recurring fee. It is a one time payment and then you have access to a link/password and can download any shows I create. I have a details page showing you exactly what is there currently.

In addition to the PP shows, there is a section where the RRSP {Raising Rock Stars Preschool} lessons are linked up, and there is an entire series of PowerPoint shows just for RRSP. This is where the confusion comes in. Many people think the MO section is the RRSP section. It just hosts the PowerPoint shows for RRSP.

So in a nutshell think POWERPOINT SHOWS when you think Members Only!


#2 You Can Read Bundle {abbreviated YCR, sometimes just called “ad-free”}

You Can Read Button 200x200


The bundle includes 18 base sight word units + color words and number words. There are also several bonus items which are only available on the ad-free bonus page. I have many units available for free, you can see those here.

The You Can Read Ad-Free/Bonus Section is $10, and is also a one time fee. You get a link/password and can save it and come back to download at any time. You will also have unlimited access to any bonus YCR items I add in the future!


#3 RRSP Bundle {Raising Rock Stars Preschool}

RRSP Bundle Collage

This is my most recent addition and is basically a glorified and simple version of the printable RRSP units. I worked hard to bundle them up in a neat and organized folders and also added several bonus printables to the new download bundle! You can see details about the bonus materials that were added here.

The RRSP Download Bundle is $10 and with the one time fee you get a link/password where you can download your 2 folders {1 for base units and 1 for extras}. I will also add any other bonus printables to this webpage so you can come back in the future.

There is a RRSP Bundle DISCOUNT available in the Members Only section. So, if you join the MO section, you can then purchase the RRSP Bundle for just $8.

All base RRSP units are available for FREE here, just scroll down until you see the blue section with the letters in it!


#4 RRSK Bundle 

RRRSK header copy

This is the  Kindergarten version of RRSP. Learn more here.

Units A-P are available for free so you can decide if this is a wise investment for your family!


#5 Animal ABC 

Animal ABC Button

I offer  Animal ABC  in a bundled format for $10.  You get access to all files, plus future access to any extras I add.  All links to files are added to the private download page and you can come back at any time to download anything new I add.

 Free files available are located on the main Animal ABC page, just scroll down to see them!

#6 Raising Lil’ Rock Stars Through the Bible A-Z


Learn more about Raising Lil’ Rock Stars here!


Why sell anything?

Why not give it all for free as a majority of my printables are {Preschool Packs, Tot Packs, Clip & Learn, Montessori Printables, Preschool Printables, Kindergarten Printables, Tot School Printables, & more}?

I believe 100% in giving as much as I can away for free in order to serve others. When my blog began to grow years ago, and take time away from my family, my husband and I prayed about what to do. At the time I was studying the Proverbs 31 woman using this awesome study guide book. We prayed for a long time and then ventured into learning about selling a few things online to supplement our missionary income. We felt this was where God was leading us and we have been truly blessed! My blog is both a service to others and a service to my family by alleviating some of the financial strain that we have been through in the past. My blog is something my entire family gets excited about and is on board with. Especially my husband and my oldest son!

If you are in a financial situation that makes you completely unable to consider paying for any of my paid items, but you feel they would benefit your family…please email me. I don’t want anyone to be without something that could help their family.

I hope that helps you understand what I sell, why I sell it, and what you will get when you make a purchase!

PS-If you have ANY problems downloading or printing any of my PDF files, please see my FAQ section and be sure to go to the Facebook link in the last bullet point for troubleshooting tips. I get emails about this almost daily! I don’t mind helping you, but it usually takes me awhile to get back to you and I don’t want anyone to be frustrated!

Living & Nonliving Things ~ PowerPoint Show

I have a new PowerPoint show available in the Members Only PowerPoint section, featuring  Living & Nonliving Things. The show is based on PacMan’s 4th grade science curriculum.



It is fully animated, showing answers upon clicks.  First we review the 5 basic life functions that help determine if something is living or not.Slide2


Next we review what living things are made of and list in the order from simple to complex…Slide3


Finally we review by categorizing living and nonliving things. I took the examples from his text and assessments and honestly we were all thrown by the virus example.  I had to do some research on that one, we {a few adults who were over at the time} all thought a virus was living.  According to his science book it is not.  Learn something new everyday when homeschooling!

Slide4  Slide5

Fun side note-I took all of the photos on the opening slide while we were camping recently!!!  He loved seeing photos he recognized in his schoolwork!

With Calvert PacMan takes an assessment every 20 lessons.  These shows are used as his review before he takes the assessment.  He also has to take standardized testing at the end of this year for science and I plan to use the shows to review for this in the end!  He is using this text for Calvert 4th grade science. This particular show was created to go along with the Plant & Animal Cell show…


You can access this show in the Members Only section of my website.  If you are not a member already, you can learn more info here.  See what is in the Members Only section now and what is coming soon here!