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Fun with Colors PowerPoint Show


I am excited to share an all new Let’s Explore Colors PowerPoint Show! This new PowerPoint show is included in the Members Only PowerPoint section, which is a one time fee of $20.

There are 4 different animated slides for each color {red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, gray, white}.

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Each color begins with a collage of items which each come up one a a time when your child clicks {or swipes on an iPad}. Then there are 3 sentences to help with early literacy development. Next there is a solid color slide to allow your child to think of other things that are that color. Finally, there’s an animated slide to focus on the spelling of the color word. The top sentence disappears and gives your child a chance to try to spell the word as the letters pop up one by one with a click {or a swipe}.


Slide2Slide3Slide4Slide5Color  (2)Color  (3)Color  (4)Color  (5)Color  (6)Color  (7)Color  (8)Color  (9)Color  (10)Color  (11)Color  (12)Color  (13)Color  (14)Color  (15)Color  (16)Color  (17)Color  (18)Color  (19)Color  (20)Color  (21)Color  (22)Color  (23)Color  (24)Color  (25)Color  (26)Color  (27)Color  (28)Color  (29)Color  (30)Color  (31)Color  (32)Color  (33)Color  (34)Color  (35)Color  (36)Color  (37)Color  (38)Color  (39)Color  (40)Color  (1)

Here is a video tutorial for how to get PowerPoints playing on your iPad. If you are already a member and interested in using PP shows on your iPad, this is how!

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