Plant & Animals Cells PowerPoint

I have a new PowerPoint show available in the Members Only PowerPoint section, featuring  Plant & Animal Cells. The show is based on PacMan’s 4th grade science book.


It is fully animated, showing answers upon clicks.  First there is a matching portion.  The little star pops up for the word that is to be matched.  On a click, the word moves over to the correct statement on the right.Slide2

There is a plant cell labeling activity…Slide3

and an animal cell labeling activity.Slide4

At the end there is a true/false section.  The statements pop up one by one and then go back and highlight green for true and red for false with the false statements being corrected by the blue boxes appearing one at a time.Slide5

I plan to make a few review shows for him for his science, if this one goes over well.  With Calvert he takes an assessment every 20 lessons.  The shows are used as his review before he takes the assessment.  He also has to take standardized testing at the end of this year for science and I plan to use the shows to review for this in the end!  He is using this text for Calvert 4th grade science.

You can access this show in the Members Only section of my website.  If you are not a member already, you can learn more info here.  See what is in the Members Only section now and what is coming soon here!