Tot School ~ Camping comes to life!

~Ladybug is currently 28 months old~


Theme_thumb3Our theme of the week ~ CAMPING ~ came alive for Ladybug this past week!  We went to a camp {actually the same camp PacMan attended earlier this summer} and enjoyed 3 days with our staff family {we are a VERY close staff serving together as inner city missionaries}.  Even though we didn’t stay in tent, we got a pretty good camp experience!  Here’s a glimpse into all my little bug got to experience!

Modern camping, complete with movies on the computer…IMG_1313

Checking out our friends’ tent.  They brought a tent because there weren’t enough cabins for all of the families.  Ladybug loved laying in it!IMG_1379

The grounds are gorgeous, nature in all of it’s wonderful perfection.  Ladybug was a little hiker.  I think her favorite thing to do was wander around.IMG_1381

A bit of night wandering…

IMG_1402  IMG_1385

She loved the wooden swings…IMG_1423

She was not a big fan of S’mores…IMG_1454


Paddle boating was another favorite…IMG_1696

She loved the fish, every single fish!!!

IMG_1778  IMG_1787


Loved him so much, she saved his life!

IMG_1775  IMG_1776

Back at the dock, she kept playing in the bucket of the caught fish.IMG_1851  IMG_1926

The creatures she got to see were just perfect.  She touched and held any that she was able to!

IMG_1712-2 IMG_1816-2 IMG_2169-2

This big ol guy was my favorite.  He just sat and stared at us from a little island in the middle of the lake.  We got close to him with our paddle boat.  Anybody know what type of frog he is?IMG_1824-2

This poor guy was so great, handling many little kid hands all over him,IMG_2225-2 including Ladybug!IMG_2194 

It was an amazing few days, I wish it could have been longer.  We hope to go for-real camping as a family soon!IMG_2018



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