Tot School ~ Only Child

~Ladybug is currently 14 months old~

I have been living the only child life around here with the boys gone, so Tot School has been going on TONS!  I have spent so much time just soaking in every ounce of my sweet baby girl.  It’s a wonder I have gotten any work or planning done, she just mesmerizes me with her cuteness.

I gave her spools in an empty pitcher and a paper towel tube.  She played for a long time by herself and then I showed her how to put the spool into the tube, she immediately caught on and loved trying it herself!  She was quite challenged but could do it!IMG_2078

Bubble wrap and balls…so simple yet so much fun!


Then I added in a laundry basket for her to dump the balls in and roll them around.  She was hilarious trying to reach in to get them out!!!IMG_2208


She is in LOVE with my little magnets.  I don’t even remember when or where I got these.  She puts them on, takes them off, stacks them, and adores them!IMG_2139


She is a piggy bank master now!  This is one of her favorite toys and has been for awhile.  I highly recommend this toy for babies {Krash loved it too and still does}. IMG_2129


My mom got her the Melissa and Doug magnetic dress-up doll at a consignment sale recently.  I knew she was too young for it but wanted to show her how the magnets work, I am glad I did—she loved it!  The girl had some funky outfits when Ladybug was done with her!IMG_2214


A metal bowl, wooden spoon, and some play food goes a L-O-N-G way with a tot!  I taught Ladybug how to stir and she was so cute trying to actually stir them herself!IMG_2284


I gave her this watering can we have that has a small hole on the top.  She had LOADS of fun putting things into it.  I found lots of things that just barely fit so she would ahve to work at it!IMG_2258


This is one of her favorite toys. It was also the first toy she learned to “work” many months ago.  She still giggles at it and will push the button over and over again to make them go around.IMG_2110


This girl adores books!  She reads by herself all the time.  This is in her bedroom…IMG_2103 Her new favorite place to sit-the couch.  She loves for me to put her up there to sit and read! IMG_2083


Life School

She is learning to eat with a spoon and doing really well!IMG_2408

She is a standing machine now, not much movement, but lots of pulling up…finally!IMG_2383

On another note-she saw Elmo this week and I do believe we have a fan.  Neither of the boys cared much for Elmo, but I think Lbug might be different.  She was so funny watching it!!!!


Moms Favorite IMG_2269


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