Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Getting Organized & Planning Ahead

Krash is currently out of town and will be gone until July 1.  It is strangely quiet around here and I miss the boys a lot.  They are down south staying with their grandparents {who begged to have them}, so I know they are having a blast, but I still miss them.

I am doing a lot of planning while they are gone and hope to have our entire summer school planned out before they return.  Here’s how I am planning for Krash…

I made this chart to plan his weekly workboxes

Preschool Workbox Planning Forma

I decided I needed more of a plan to my plans so I could think less when gathering materials for the week ;-).  I may seem very organized and full of ideas, but I hit very brain-dead moments often and I don’t feel like thinking much. 

I made a list of all of our “Star Box” games and toys {the open ended fun stuff}, and plan to just rotate through those.  I even made my list online so you could see it too! The Star Boxes stay the same for 1 week and then I change them all out at once.

For the Letter Focus section, I plan to do extra activities somehow based around our RRSP letter.  I am pulling and printing ideas mostly from Confessions of a Homeschooler, Home Grown Hearts, Totally Tots Crafty ABCs {I am going to match the letter up now} and Making Learning Fun. 

For the 3rd row {123, Colors, etc.} I plan to use my own Preschool Printables rotating through the various activities I have made.  I will be using other peoples printables too!  I am currently printing off a few and will be organizing them into a rotation cycle, so I don’t forget certain ones!  I made a list of these also, combining all of mine and the ones I have printed {so far} from others, you can see that here.

Row 4 is for a Learning Toy, Puzzle or Activity with a defined ending point {opposite of an open ended toy}.  This is where I will rotate through our toys and puzzles that have more clarity as to what you are “supposed” to do with them!  You can see my list of these items here {I am still working on this list, it is not complete}.

I don’t plan anything for Day 5, as we don’t always do preschool on Day 5.  If we do, I just pull extra toys and puzzles, or we re-do something he enjoyed.  Our day 5 is actually Saturday because of our ministry work schedule {we have Friday off as a family}, so I don’t always feel like doing preschool on Day 5, especially in the summer!

Here’s a sample schedule that is mostly filled in from the week before we left for the beach{I hand write some of it}…

Preschool Workbox Planning Formb

If you want to download a blank version of my planning form, you can find it here.

My goal is to have 5 weeks of Preschool entirely planned before Krash returns!

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