Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 15 months old~

I wasn’t as great with the camera this week, nor was I really great at purposeful Tot Schooling time. Having the boys back at home had me all giddy, and honestly they got most of my schooling-attention. Ladybug still did a lot though, as usual! A very random Tot-School post lies ahead…

Her Leapfrog table is still a huge hit!!!IMG_2964

Ladybug adores her new felt food. It is amazing how just simply emptying a bag and putting everything back in can keep her happy. IMG_3220

This is her new home during morning calendar time! When on the floor, she was just everywhere and distracting to all. I had the bright idea to move her highchair into the schoolroom during this time and it worked like a charm!!! She does get into the throwing toys thing a bit, but it’s much better than her crawling all over us!!! Here I just gave her a few dominoes and a bowl. {the highchair is from Ikea, and is very inexpensive}


I caught this photo to show what it often looks like during K’s preschool time {which now often occurs while Lbug is awake and active}. Krash was cutting out his vocabulary cards from his RRSP, and Lbug was finding everything she could around the schoolroom to play with. Her stuff and NOT her stuff. She found a pencil and began drawing on the air conditioner {behind her}. I gave her a piece of paper instead ;-). It is a struggle to keep everyone focused with her around ;-).


Here’s another shot of school time, Ladybug loves to get into K’s star boxes ;-).IMG_3151

She really enjoyed the animal eggs {I got them on clearance at Target after this past Easter}. I had pom poms inside of them and we opened and closed them together. IMG_3166

She loves our nesting blocks and mostly loves to fit things inside of them!IMG_2936

Our wooden stacking toy is very popular with L-bug right now. She is very proud of her stacking abilities ;-).



The purse has been up and away for awhile {we rotate toys}, she was thrilled to see it back out again. We worked on the words open-shut, and in-out… IMG_3261-2

Life School Baba {my dad} was here visiting for the 4th after driving the boys back home, and they spent lots of time together. Reading was a favorite activity for them together, I just love this photo 😉IMG_2817

She learned how to say “WOW” this week, I caught her mid-word ;-)…IMG_3238-2


Moms Favorite

I was getting her ready for bed after a day of piggy tails and Daddy had just gotten home. He scooped her up for some before-bed snuggles, and her hair looked like this. Thankfully I had the camera close by!!!


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