Raising Rock Stars ~ Philippians 4:6-7

Philippians 4:6-7

We began our study of this awesome verse with this YouTube video from Seeds Family Worship


We used the awesome new printables Valerie made for Totally Tots to learn this verse and what it means. I shrunk down the PDF files to make them into cards and we went through them one by one. We talked about each portion of the verse, the hard words, what it meant, and how the image gave us a clue to the meaning.


We reviewed with the verse all on one sheet {again I shrunk down to get them all on one page}, and Daddy was the review master. We couldn’t stop laughing though because Krash insisted that the cats were screaming. The cats on the picture are actually singing, but he thinks they are screaming, and therefore thinks he needs to scream this verse.IMG_3279-2

I also made a black n white version for the boys to color …IMG_3280

The whole evening went really well, it was nice to be back to our Raising Rock Stars routine!

** edited to add-Valerie liked the shrinking idea and recreated the printables to include this idea and many more, find the updated printables for this verse here!!!!

Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!