Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 15 months old~

I was much more prepared and focused this week ;-).  I am still in the figure-it-out mode as I try to develop a new schedule for us now that Ladybug does not nap in the mornings.  We tried a few things out this past week, and I hope to find the routine I like soon!  For now we are still pretty go-with-the-flow as far as the schooling schedule, but we are still spending loads of time in the schoolroom!!!

Tot TraysI set up 3 Tot Trays for Ladybug this week and she explored them each day.  She REALLY enjoyed them all, and we had lots of fun working together!!

Tray #1…colored stirring sticks {from Target}, and an empty coffee creamer bottle.  In and out, in and out, in and out…shake, shake, shake…TOTAL fun for a young tot!!!IMG_3456

I was surprised when she pulled her froggy watering can over and began to put the sticks into the small hole on the top of his head!  She added her own extension to her Tot Tray!!!! IMG_3461

Tray #2…I selected 12 bumpy beads form our pop bead set and put them in an empty almond container, along with an empty Happy Bellies frozen baby food tray.  She used her tiny fingers {strengthening those muscles} to put the beads in between the clear bottle and the tray.  At first she just dumped the beads on the tray, but then I showed her how to put one bead into one hole and she repeated it!  Each day she did this over and over again and loved playing with this!!!!IMG_3435 IMG_3441


She then combined two of her trays and began adding her beads in with her sticks 😉IMG_3584

 Tray #3…a small blue cup and 5 wooden slotted clothespins.  I showed her how the clothespins slid onto the edge of the cup and she pulled them all off to put them back into the cup.  She can’t get them to slip onto the edge but definitely tried hard!  Eventually she would hand it to me to show her again!




Learning ToysI bought Ladybug some Crayola baby crayons and she loved them.  She hasn’t quite learned how to color with them {that’s K’s demonstration for her on the sheet}, but she had fun trying!!!



A little ring stacking time with Daddy…IMG_3761


The couple of photos I showed last week to share what school time looks like seemed to be a hit ;-), so I will try to do that more often.  The planned stuff is great, but I know many of you wonder if my school time is as hectic and chaotic as yours is…I assure you it IS.  I will try to capture the “mess” more!  Here Ladybug was done with her stuff and climbing up to “ask” for the Bristle Blocks.  Pac Man was getting them down, basically so she could toss them around the room. IMG_3598

Krash was playing with Wedgits, Pac Man joined in and Ladybug came to knock it all down {moments after I snapped this shot}.  Great lessons in patience and selfLESSness going on during these times! IMG_3609


Life School Ladybug lives to take things out.  She loves to unload shelves, bins, baskets, boxes…anything.  She slings things over her shoulder and occasionally will sit down and peruse what she has uncovered. Here she is unloading her bookshelf, specifically her “big girl” Fancy Nancy books…IMG_3746She managed to sling a few of her board books down too and enjoyed a unique read of Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarIMG_3751

I added 3M Hooks low on her shelves in her room and she has just recently learned how to hang things on them and LOVES doing this!!!IMG_3764


Moms Favorite

One night last week, I walked in to find Daddy and Ladybug spending some quality time together.  I couldn’t get my hands on my camera fast enough!

She chose…IMG_3692

He styled…


IMG_3719 {most of the the hair bows shown were made by my mom using crocheted flowers from this Etsy store}

Miss CHEESER…this is her new face that she only does when Daddy is around!!!!IMG_3715

This Weeks Tools

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