Tot School ~ Finally Back Home!

~Ladybug is currently 17 months old~

It has been LOADS of fun being back at home this week, especially now that we are in the new school room.  I must say, the attitudes form my lovely little ones are a bit off, but that is to be expected after being away so long.  I am sure my photos will make it look like a lovely week, and it was-but keep in mind, photos don’t have sound!  ha ha!  It was a loud week to say the least!

I haven’t gotten Ladybug’s Tot Trays all set up so basically we just played all week, taking some focused time for L each day!

 Learning Toys

She loves the latches boardIMG_8424


Magneatos were a BIG hit this week, she had so much fun sitting at the table with the boys! {Don’t forget the Guidecraft Twitter Party!  Magneatos is the RSVP prize to one person!}IMG_8479


I got her an additional set of magnetic dress up dolls at the consignment sale last week {for a few bucks!} and she LOVED them!  K really enjoys these too and keeps asking me to get the boy version!IMG_8688


Every now and then she crawls back to Pac Man’s corner of the room and climbs up on him ;-0  She is a tad bit distracting!IMG_8698


She finally used the Wedgits for building!  I built some of this and then she kept it going!IMG_8707 

This toy was played with SO much, best $2 I ever spent!  Here P is letting the balls blow out into her face, she giggled like crazy!IMG_8520


She also really LOVES this sorting toy and lines the shapes up.  We worked together to put them in the holes too, although she still struggles-these shapes {star and plus specifically} are hard!IMG_8635

Straws and an empty container…kept her busy for about an hour!!!!!IMG_8637 

Life SchoolWe have brought back daily {individual} reading time and this day she happened to be awake and crawled over to snuggle up with Pac while he was reading in our bean bag.  Krash then saw the action and joined in too, thankfully my camera was close!IMG_8590 

She is finally walking all over the place with her walking toys, and spends a large part of her day doing this!  She also learned to ride her Mickey riding toy this week!!!  She can now get on and off herself and ride it around!!!  She will be walking soon {we hope}. Oh and yes, she is fascinated with her belly button, I love how she pulls up her belly chub to find it! 



Moms Favorite 

We got a new easel for our school room {from Ikea} and Ladybug stood herself up and began drawing!!!!  It was so cute!!!  We are hanging one sheet per day and the kids are working together to draw and create—kind of a group effort.  They really enjoyed this!  We are just using crayons for now until I can get a rug to protect the carpet!IMG_8773


Another favorite of mine, these book boxes…IMG_8657

Do you see the labels-GIRLY BOOKS!  I had to create boxes to sort new girly books!  Wow, our home is changing!!!

Finally-I love this shot of her laying upside down, totally relaxed in our bean bag-watching her fav-Mickey Mouse.IMG_8632

This Weeks Tools

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