Tot School ~ with the Grandparents

~Ladybug is currently 17 months old~

We had a fun, fun week staying at my parents house!  They have a beautiful home, and a pool in the backyard…so it is a real treat to stay here.  We were here because we were speaking at 2 churches…networking with supporters and sharing about our mission work.  It was a wonderful time, we are so thankful!  Ladybug had a grand time this week, as I am sure you can imagine!

 Learning Toys

My parents have a bedroom for the children and mom has stocked up on consignment sale toys over the years.  The kids LOVE to play here, especially in this room.  It is an exploring heaven!   Ladybug is just now at the age where she can truly appreciate how wonderful it is and spent HOURS just exploring and playing.  A few of her favorite things from the week…putting my old stuffed Mickey {and Minnie} into the red car {and whining hysterically when they wouldn’t fit properly}.IMG_7684

She loved this pop up toy, but it really made her mad when she wasn’t strong enough to do a few of them!IMG_7694

Glow bracelets on her feet…she is a jewelry queen.  I can’t believe I don’t have a photo of it-but her absolute favorite was my moms collection of bead necklaces.  She LOVED them!!! IMG_7702

They have a couple of pound-spin toys that L adored! IMG_7703


We hit the BIG consignment sale at our home church while here and were blessed with some incredible {CHEAP} finds!  Ladybug was quite impressed! IMG_8235 IMG_8237


She really liked the books we got too, these are just some of them! IMG_8242


This was by far the favorite toy, she was giggling like crazy!!!

IMG_8264 IMG_8265

Life SchoolStill not walking, but we coerced about 2 steps out of her!!!IMG_8043You can throw her all you want though!  She loves that! IMG_8136


Moms Favorite

I have two sets of favorites this week.  She was just so cute-there was no way to pick just one!  The first is a few from her playing in the blankees{and other softies} my mom makes.  We set up a table at the consignment sale and my mom sells them to raise support for our mission work.  When we got home we showed them to Ladybug and she had a grand time pulling them all out!  Then she crawled in the box!!!

 IMG_8146 IMG_8223IMG_8160


We got this little chair for $2 at the sale, and she adores it!  It is so cute.  I thought it would be a nice outside chair, but I think it just might have to go inside since she loves it so much.

   IMG_8249 IMG_8252 IMG_8262

{oh-and how cute are those shoes on her feet?  We were given TONS of clothes from a wonderful woman my mom works with, what a blessing!}

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