Tot School ~ 1/2 with Daddy ;-)

~Ladybug is currently 18 months old~


Learning Toys

I think I have found a way to rotate her learning toys for the week  There are certain toys she always has success too, but I am trying to rotate the others. We’ll see if this method works ;-).  I picked 3 and put them on the floor for her to find Monday morning. {Kimochi, Shape Sorter, Puzzle}IMG_0697 I kept these 3 out all week and we just went to them when she wanted to and I played with her and just had fun!  She also played a lot with them on her own too.  I look forward to putting 3 new ones out for her tomorrow!  The boys enjoyed them too—added bonus!

She enjoyed the Shape Sorter, mostly “counting” the blocks and also stacking them!

IMG_0849 IMG_0859

Wedgits are still popular with ALL of my kids.  Ladybug has finally learned how to stack various pieces, but she still loves the tiny white ones!

IMG_0618 IMG_0624 

We played ball together, in a few different ways!  She tried to see if her ball could fit in her teapot ;-)  when it didn’t she was ready to practice throwing and catching with me!  She LOVES to play ball!

IMG_0638  IMG_0646

   Pengaloo was K’s game for the week, but she had fun laying with the pieces too!


Easel time is still a daily thing for her!  ;-)  I love seeing her draw!IMG_0736

We had our Thanksgiving set out early since I was photographing it for our upcoming Preschool Pack, she enjoyed rocking the pilgrims in her doll cradle!IMG_0878Stacking Pegs were fun for about 2 minutes ;-)  IMG_1038 The ABC Mat and home-made bean bags were a daily dose of fun!  She loved throwing them on the mat!IMG_1044 


Tot TraysI finally set up some Tot Trays for her, but didn’t get a lot of pictures!  Here she is stringing penne pasta tubes onto a pipe cleaner…

IMG_0835 IMG_0839
I gave her a pitcher {it’s from Ikea}, a bowl and some pom poms and taught her to pour.  At first she had no interest and just wanted to stack and put the balls in the bowl.  After gently showing her a few times, she then thought pouring was fun {but very difficult for her}!
IMG_0718 IMG_0723


tub of funShe continues to love our fall sensory bin, I added a few more pumpkin containers to her free play, and we made a necklace out of the jewels too {she loves necklaces!} IMG_1035



Life SchoolWhile I was at Relevant, Daddy had TONS of fun with the kiddos.  He took a few pictures on his phone of them when they were at the pumpkin patch!  Ladybug got to see farm animals, play on an awesome playground and pick her own pumpkin!  I hated to miss the fun but was so thankful that my husband took them on his own! IMAG0074          IMAG0082IMAG0080 



Moms Favorite

She has been quite the cheese monkey lately, this photo does a great job of capturing her cheesy grin I love so much!  IMG_0626


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