Christmas Learning ~ Day 1

I may not post every day, but I was SO excited to begin today that  had to share.  I also want to share because my prayer about my ATTITUDE being more important than the ACTIVITIES really worked and we had a great day!  I lost it only once and it was a mild lose-it, so it’s a success for us all! Here’s a glimpse into our day.  You can see our 10 Days of Christmas Fun here, this is just Day 1!

As expected, the kids LOVED the Christmas Sensory Bin.  I think I want to rename it to the Imagination Bin.  Honestly the thing my kids do most with these bins is use their imagination.  It is amazing what they come up with.  I love just sitting back and watching.


The bin was out for over an hour this morning and the kids came and went from it, playing differently each time. I came in one time and found Ladybug curled up in our new giant bean bag and Krash counting different things from the bin.  IMG_6486

I did initiate a few activities, one was sorting the red and green items into plastic Christmas trays I had.  The Little People train set {which we have had for years and I cannot find anywhere online} also got included 😉IMG_6496

Later in the evening, we got the bin out yet again and this time we made a long line together 😉IMG_6553

We did everything else on our list too, here K is putting the trees in order…IMG_6489


This was hilarious.  I can’t believe my little point and shoot caught the take off like that!  We put our ornament ABCs up on our dishwasher {with magnets} like last year.  I had one boy find the letter set and the other RUN into the kitchen and put it up. IMG_6505 They took turns until we were done.  This was a great way to make this activity interesting for Krash.IMG_6504


They colored their “color by shape trees” together and really enjoyed doing the same thing. I asked Pac Man if he wanted me to print it all for him too and he said YES!IMG_6511


Marble painting was a BIG HIT!!!!  We only had one box so we shared {a great lesson for them}.IMG_6515

We made candy canes, stars, and trees.  Tomorrow I have something special planned for us to do with the trees when they dry!IMG_6524


We did page 1 of our abc trees, using Unifex Cubes for our markers.  Ladybug was so cute watching Krash work.IMG_6555


Krash worked on the word JESUS today…that most important word of the season so it had to be first!IMG_6560


This is my favorite photo of the day, all of my kids sitting and working together.  It was like this for at least 20 minutes.  Krash was coloring in his super hero book and the other 2 and I were making Christmas collages {using old Christmas cards}.  It was just peaceful and nice. {gotta love the torn apart sensory bin in the background!!}IMG_6563

It was a fabulous day.  Not a perfect day, but overall a very fun day.  My favorite part was sitting in the big bean bag while my boys sat in front of me {each in their own bean bag ~ finally we can use them for reading time} and I read from the Hands on Bible I won from The World According to Them a couple of months ago.  I used the Advent Chain readings and we got caught up to today.  It was awesome just sitting there with them {even if Krash was out in la la land for a bit of it}.  We all just soaked in the Word and it was wonderful. 

I am praying days 2-10 go even half as well as day 1!


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