Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 2

{Christmas Learning Fun ~ Day 1}

We had another great Christmas fun day!!  I am even having fun putting these posts together and know they will be fun for the kids to look back on one day. You can see our 10 Days of Christmas Fun plans here, this is Day 2!  I didn’t take as many photos today but still caught some good moments!

I drew an outline of a Christmas tree on our easel and didn’t say a word when the kids came into the schoolroom this morning.  It didn’t take long for Pac Man and Ladybug to begin decorating it!!  They both love the easel.IMG_6567


We had fun playing together with the animals and baby Jesus.  I included Pac Man by challenging him to remember how to spell each number word after Krash counted the animals!IMG_6576After counting, K began drawing some cute people 😉IMG_6578


We marble painted yesterday and today it was time for glitter!  I showed the boys how to make tree decorations with glue and glitter and they both loved it all!

IMG_6590 IMG_6593



Krash did an amazing job coloring his #2 page today, I was blown away with his coloring and tracing of the #2, this kid loves to color!IMG_6597


We worked on our beginning sound cards too, and Krash did much better than I expected {although this wasn’t his favorite activity}IMG_6599

Another fun day for us!  We didn’t get to all of our activities today but that’s OK, we had a great time with what we did do.  I am trying to remember that marking things off a list is the least of my concerns…having FUN with my kiddos is my concern!


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