Ready for Christmas Learning!

I have been “stuck” down south for several days now and not only did I create an entire new {unplanned} Nativity Preschool Pack, I also got our plans for the December all finalized-to an extreme degree.  Here’s a small glimpse…
Yup, red and green file folders and all.  I even have a detailed spreadsheet {which I will share once we get home and I get the final activities in and linked up}.  We plan to begin our Christmas schooling on Monday, so I still have the weekend to gather the rest.
Thankfully I was able to use a printer AND laminator down here {thanks Mom!!!}, and was able to get most things totally prepared.  One night my mom and Ladybug were playing in the hall while I was laminating and cutting away…I looked up and saw Ladybug helping my mom snap a photo of me…

We head back home today, and I am thrilled!  I have so much planned for the kids and am excited to be so prepared {usually I just gather some Christmas activities and hope I remember to do them all}. Have you shared your Christmas plans on your blog?  Leave me a link in a comment, I’d love to check yours out before I finalize ours! ;-).