Tot School ~ or NOT

~Ladybug is currently 19.5 months old~

Once again, we don’t have anything to show for our Tot School, but I do have a good story for you! I will share the very brief version here {which will seem long but trust me, this is the brief version}…

We were scheduled to drive back home {a 10-12 hr drive} this past Monday.  We had been down south with family since the previous Wednesday.

We did not leave Monday due to some major car repair issues.

We then schedule to leave Tuesday.

We did not leave Tuesday, the car repair didn’t happen on Monday due to the wrong part being ordered.

Tuesday we were told by a trusted friend {our old mechanic} that we should get rid of our car {a Ford Excursion}.  He informed us that the year of our truck was the “lemon” of a year for Ford diesel engines and the next repair was a WHEN not an IF and it would be a minimum of $6000 to repair.  We put $3000 into another major repair about 6 months ago.  This was horrible news but to get a decent trade we knew we had to act fast. We began researching and looking.

We still did not leave Wednesday, because we were choosing our “new” {used} car.  God paved the way beautifully as He always does.

Wednesday afternoon my husband picked up our “new” Suburban.  This unexpected car was able to be paid for with the trade {we got way more than we expected-Praise God!!!!!!!} and some gifted money that we had been given just a month ago.  So, our “new” car has 100,000 less miles, is much nicer, and is PAID FOR!!!!  God worked it all out.

So, we finally go to sleep Wednesday night planning to leave around 8am on Thursday.

At 4am my husband woke up with the stomach flu-BAD. Around 8am we realized Pac Man had a fever {no stomach symptoms but a high fever}.  My husband decides to be tough and we pull out in our “new” car around 10am.

At 11:30ish, Ladybug was PUKING EVERYWHERE {yes in our new car}.  I was driving so my husband could rest and it all just happened so fast.  She went from fine to a MESS in seconds.  We pulled over and realized the magnitude of the damage…PUKE WAS EVERYWHERE.  It was the worst I have ever seen in my entire life.

We end up at a hotel for the remainder of the day so I could clean up Ladybug and do laundry.  I also needed to get L-bug a new car seat as her puke soaked all the way through the cover and the foam pad thingy {it was an older Britax car seat so we needed to get one anyway, just not this fast!}.

We make the best of it and soon Ladybug perks up IMG_6409and actually has a wonderful day snuggling with her beloved Daddy {she is a total Daddy’s girl}.IMG_6412

I got the nasty clothes clean, got a new car seat {we ended up being about 5 minutes from a Babies R Us and were able to get the Graco 3 in 1 seat which we are really happy with}, and even enjoyed my family a ton. 

We awoke to a healed family on Friday and were back on the road by 10:30am.  By 7:30pm on Friday we were home and so thankful.

It has been quite the off-week for us and honestly I feel a bit frazzled losing an entire week of homeschool, and Christmas decorating!!!  We are kicking off our Christmas homeschool fun tomorrow and we are decorating the house today! 

I am praying for a more normal at home week filled with Christmas fun with my kiddos!!!

I hope most of you had a more normal week than we did!


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