Tot School ~ 21 1/2 Months

~Ladybug is currently 21.5 months old~



She continued to enjoy playing with her Tot School toys in her princess tent. In this shot you can see her playing with her Guidecraft Geo Sorter, and also a animal puzzle she has.  She also played with her Brainy Baby Nesting Blocks TONS, I can’t believe I don’t have any photos of her with those, they were a BIG part of our week!  Krash loved these too, some of you may remember my review from awhile back!



I got out these ABC flashcards for her to play with and she loved them.  She loves to look at photos and “talk” to them.  IMG_6512


We got these awesome Discovery Toys Flip Flop Faces at a consignment sale, without the bean bags they normally come with.  My kids mostly use them for things like this!  Ladybug was practicing her “jumping”  Krash was using them as stepping stones.  They are really sturdy and the kids love them!

IMG_6762  IMG_6763


Before you get too impressed, Ladybug did not build this, Krash did.  She just had the honor of destroying it.  She does build with this a lot though!IMG_6864


We had a really fun bean bag day, getting out our many tubs of bean bags {my mom made most of them for us}, and our bean bag mat.  Ladybug had a blest covering K with them…IMG_6865

Then she tried to cover him with herself!IMG_6879Clean up is always fun as it is a big sorting event.  We keep the bean bags separated by “upper case letters,” “lower case letters,” colors/shapes/numbers,” and color squares.  Ladybug decided they were for crawling on.IMG_6888


Krash made her a Magneatos hat, which she wasn’t so sure about…IMG_6702


She really likes our Valentines Day “Love Bug” matching.  She enjoys putting them into the mini pocket chart too!IMG_6477




Our Valentine’s Day Bin is still getting LOADS of play time.  IMG_6644Ladybug is especially drawn to this bin, I think because of the red jewels.  She spends a majority of her time with her jewels.IMG_6650She lines them up, “counts” them,IMG_6682transfers them from bucket to bucket and always searches for the lost jewel if she drops one.  IMG_6699

She pours, spoons and all sorts of things with these jewels!  She loves them!



She still enjoys her Baby Signing Time DVDs, now watching them in our schoolroom all cuddled up in her bean bag chair!  She will now ask for her bean bag! IMG_6811


Here are a few of her reading moments I captured of my little bookworm this past week.  She especially loves our new Valentines Day book collection and any book featuring Lightening McQueen, as you can see in these photos!

IMG_6854  IMG_6528


Moms Favorite

She has decided that learning to dress herself is important now.  This entire evening was hilarious as she went on and on trying to get her jammies on by herself for about 30 minutes,

IMG_6573 IMG_6578

until Daddy finally had to do it for her so she could get to bed.    On the left she is signing “more” meaning she wanted to try more.  On the right she is signing “all done” trying to get Daddy to stop doing it for her.  Poor girl.  We love her newfound independent attitude but a girl’s gotta go to bed at some point!

IMG_6618 IMG_6629






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