Tot School ~ 22 Months

~Ladybug is currently 22 months old~



Ladybug had her own little transportation themed week, mainly focused around her beloved Cars!  I had this waiting for her when she came into the schoolroom one morning…

IMG_7056I printed my own Cars Tot Book color cards and laminated them {they are actually from a mini book but I left the separated for her so she could hold them} and displayed them in our pocket chart.  I found the matching Cars we had and encouraged her to match them to the cards!  IMG_7064Then she drove them on the board {a shelf} and flipped them all over!IMG_7080I caught her counting them several times, after she lined them up just-so.IMG_7092


I had other things planned for my girl, but it has been a sick-filled week for us.  The boys first, then Mom and then Ladybug.  She was feeling pretty rough this day but wanted to play with the beads so badly!IMG_7249

How pitiful is this face…IMG_7259

She did ask me to get down the play doh containers and put them in a few times…IMG_7282




Our Valentine’s Day Bin is still in rotation, as Ladybug is in love with it!  You saw the heart sticks in the photos above!

She is enjoying the Transportation Sensory Bin, but not nearly as much as the Valentines Day Bin! My mom made a little felt mat with roads on it for the kids and I got out our tires from the Cars tire stacking game.  Here she was stacking the tires…

IMG_7267She yelled at me when they fell over, and was quickly happy when she got them stacked again!IMG_7270 IMG_7274




I was sick on Monday and my husband stepped in for me.  He not only took care of the kids but attempted to homeschool them too!  I came down later in the day to see Ladybug’s “bay-bow” and was then told the story of how it came to be.  Daddy found clipart online, printed it out AND laminated it for her!!!  All without me!  She was trying to tear up one of K’s rainbow pages so Daddy made her her very own rainbow! {these photos were taken the following day, she was still carrying it around!}

IMG_7085 IMG_7086



Moms Favorite

She wouldn’t smile for me, but I love the picture of her little “hair balls” ;-).







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