Tot School ~ 22.5 months

~Ladybug is currently 22.5 months old~

We have been out of town for almost 2 week and are all very happy to be back home.  I LOVE home.  Ladybug was sick prior to leaving and then got sick again while away, but I am happy to report that she is well and happy now!!


Techy Tot

Ladybug is VERY into the PowerPoint shows these days!  She begged me to watch the new counting show at least 5 times!!! This is her favorite slide, she imitates the 8 with his tongue out! 😉IMG_8632

We also watch the “Find the Baby Letter” show a lot, but she doesn’t like it as much as the counting one.  She was very excited to see the kitty though {she is signing cat}…IMG_8635

Finding the C…IMG_8638



tub of fun

We had a very limited Tot School time, due to the hectic event of unpacking, but Ladybug went straight for the Outer Space Sensory BinIMG_8612




I mentioned in my last post that we spent a few days with Jolanthe and her family!  It was awesome and we just love the friendship that has developed between us and our families over time…all thanks to blogging!

Ladybug is getting her hair done by Laurianna…IMG_8558


Ladybug grew quite fond of Ms Yo Yo by the 2nd day, loving on her tons!

IMG_8546 IMG_8603


She was really excited to find “her” bean bag chair at their house!  We have the exact same bean bags and in the same color-she was right at home!IMG_8577


Moms Favorite

She looks so old to me in this photo.IMG_8563

This is her new “look”IMG_8568



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