Behind the Scenes ~ Affiliates

Behind the ScenesAwhile back in 2009, I did a post about the topic of affiliates, but I have been getting many emails with questions so I thought it might be helpful to do an updated post to help anyone who is wondering what in the world an affiliate is, either to help my family out or to use them yourself on your own blog!

Basically here’s what it means…

  • I sign up with an affiliate company {ex Amazon Associates}.
  • I use their dashboard to create links to their products.
  • I place these links on my site.
  • Readers click through these links to get to the retailer.
  • If a purchase is made, I receive a small percentage of the total sale.  NO, I don’t see who you are or what you bought! 😉

If you shop through any of my links on my site, I will get credit.  THANK YOU so much for doing this!! I have affiliate buttons in the bottom right sidebar here on the blog and also have a support page here on my website. 

If you have a blog, you can do this too, here’s some links to some of the companies I am affiliated with.  There are more but these are just the ones I work with.  Even some of these links {not all} are refer-a-friend programs, and I will get a small referral fee if you join under my link {no cost to you}.  Don’t join just for that-look into the ones you think would be a good fit for you!




A few companies they represent… Lillian Vernon, Office Depot, iTunes.



Escalate Media A few companies they currently represent…, eBates, Vista Print, Zulily, Synovate.  Their offers change almost weekly, so this may not be accurate when you join…they are a bit different than the other companies.



Logical MediaLogical MediaVery similar to Escalate Media {above} with rotating offers.  A few of their current offers… Gillette Venus Embrace, Cool Savings, Clorox Greenworks, Kashi.



Google Affiliate Network

imageA few companies they represent…Oriental Trading, Barnes & Noble, Office Max




Share A SaleA few companies they represent…Old Schoolhouse, Signing Time, CSN, Tiny Prints


Amazon Associates

imageDon’t think I need to explain this one! Although I will say, there are a few states that don’t allow Amazon Affiliates. 🙁



Commission Junction

imageA few companies they represent…DaySpring, Discount School Supply, Constructive Play Things, Gap/Old Navy





VigLink is really neat, they affiliate any links that you are not already affiliated with! 



Easy Lunchboxes

imageEasy Lunchboxes has their own affiliate program and it is one of the best I have seen!  It helps that I LOVE our Easy Lunchboxes too.


I LOVE CBD, and they are one of the few who let you use your own 10% affiliate discount for yourself too!  Meaning, you can use your own link and get a 10% commission for it!


New programs I have joined recently and really love so far…

MooLaLa and SocialDish

These aren’t affiliate companies but a new way of offering deals to large groups {similar to Groupon, but with $$ making potential}.  MooLaLa is already active and SocialDish has just launched recently in certain cities!


Other individual programs with great affiliate programs I am a part of: Tell Your Time –affiliate link is under the “Tell Your Time” label in the top navigation bar {an awesome eBook by Amy from }, All About Spelling {scroll to the bottom left and click on affiliates}, CurrClick {create an account in My Account}, & Squishy Tushy.


Now for a bit of my advice and thoughts on affiliates and blog money making in general…

When I began blogging years ago, I had no idea you could make a DIME! I began blogging truly to share and connect with others.  God has led me down a road that has come to a place of having the ability to earn a small income for our family through my sites.  Yes, I do make money, yes- this amount has grown over the years.  No, I did not plan this or set out to have this be the end result.  I fully believe God had this in mind, not me!    Honestly we could and would end it all tomorrow if we felt led by God to do so.  This blog and my sites do not come at the expense of my family.  I say all of that to speak to your heart.  Blog because you feel God leading you, and if He brings you money-great!  I know some may disagree with me, but that is my belief—100%!!!  I feel this way also about reviews/giveaways, which is why I don’t do very many at all and am even doing less now.  Anything that takes your time away from your family has to be worth it!  Many wonder why/how I have time to work so much on my sites and I think you would actually be amazed with how little time I spend.  I do things quickly and everything I do online comes naturally for me and is actually stress-relief!  I do not “work” at the expense of time with my kids or husband.  My sites are a ministry for this season of my life and God has truly paved the way.  We are so thankful for the path we are on!

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