Summer Challenge 2011

I don’t know about you but I can’t stand the phrase, “I’m Bored.” I also strongly dislike seeing laziness seem to ooze from the depths of my children. We are done with official school. I love to school year round-I just do it differently in the summer time. I need a break, they need a break, we all need a more relaxed routine-but we still need a routine!

Enter-the Summer Challenge.

I debuted the Summer Challenge in 2008 for PacMan and it has been redone this year to include Krash now that he is old enough. You can see the forms we used then here. You can even still use those, I just upgraded our version this year!

Here is what it looks like for us this year…


Their cards are laminated and hung on a 3M hook with a metal ring so they can easily flip through to see their choices.


Here is a screenshot of the actual prizes and point values we have in place this year.

Summer Challenge 11

We also may be adding in prizes, but all rewards will come in increments of 25 to make it easier on everyone!

How do they earn points? Here’s their cards, green is PacMan, blue is Krash…

Summer Challenge k Summer Challenge p

Currently they get 1 point per task, unless the task is marked separately {for example a really difficult worksheet might be marked with more points}.

Both boys will have a summer workbook filled with extra work…all their choice to do or not to do. Although I will be strongly encouraging a few specific things! I haven’t made these notebooks yet, they are on the to-do list this week!

You can easily recreate these by using the table tool in Publisher or PowerPoint, I made these in PowerPoint. If you want to write in your stuff and use my forms, I am providing blank copies you can download here! I also included 2 recording pages with girls on them!