4th of July Sensory Bin

4th of July sensory bin

In honor the upcoming holiday, I made the kids a 4th of July Sensory Bin


The kids won’t see it until the week of the 4th but I went ahead and made a few bins this week while the boys are still out of town! I actually got a few bins prepared and will share those soon too!

Target made it easy for me, as I got many of the extras there! I also dyed rice red and blue for the base underneath …IMG_7228

My favorite part is the fireworks straws {from Target}…IMG_7235

The sides of the bin have gel clings {which the kids adore}, and inside I put spiky balls, red/blue beads {Target}, and glittery pom poms {Target}…IMG_7238

A bit of info on where I got some of the stuff

  • Spikey Balls: mine were from Walmart awhile back, but I saw them online here.
  • Glittery Pom Poms, bead necklaces: Target-in the birthday section
  • Buckets: $1 section at Target
  • Fireworks Straws: Target-on an end cap with 4th of July stuff.
  • Gel Clings: I have NO clue-my mom got these for us awhile back and sent them up in a box-Michaels would be my guess?

I may add more red and blue stuff, but I wanted this to be simple. I have red, white and blue spoons, cups and bowls ready to put out with the tub also.

Here’s a few more 4th of July Sensory Bins I found online…

If you haven’t read the Montessori Minute post about sensory play, be sure to read that to see why these bins are so wonderful for kids!

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