Independence Day Activity Pack

Free Independence Day 4th of July Printables

The 4th of July is approaching in a few weeks and many of us will be teaching our children about the history of America. I have several resources on my blog and today I have an updated version of our Independence Day Printables.

The new pages feature some reading about the flag and the thirteen colonies and a worksheet for each.

Independence Day Printables (2) Independence Day Printables (3)

Independence Day Printables (4) Independence Day Printables (1)

the original printables are included also, labeling the colonies, graphing symbols, color by number flag and matching.

3 4th of July Learning Pack1

4th of July Learning Pack2 4th of July Learning Pack4

These printables go along with our Independence Day Calendar Connections!

CALENDAR 4th of July

Grab some fun 4th of July books to go along with your learning!

4th of July Books for Kids

Download your free Independence Day Printable here!

Independence Day Activity Pack

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More 4th of July Learning Fun…

Free 4th of July Calendar Connections Cards ~ learn a new fact about the U.S.A every day  4th of July sensory bin

4th of July Homeschool Fun FB

Celebrating Independence Day

4th of July Homeschool Fun

The 4th of July is approaching and many of us will be teaching our children about the history of America.  In case you are a new blog reader, I wanted to remind you of a  few resources I have on my site and others I have used in the past to explore this time of year with my own kids!

4th of July Calendar Connections CardsIndependence Day Calendar Connections


Let’s Explore Independence Day eBook {goes with CC cards shown above, $1 in Teacher’s Notebook Shop}Independence Day eBook Cover


Independence Day Printables4th of july printables


4th of July Sensory BinIMG_7228_thumb[1]


Red, White, & Blue Tot SchoolIMG_7919_thumb[1]


Independence Day Pinterest Boardimage

Please leave links to your 4th of July printables or blog posts in the comment section to share with others!

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Recently God gave me another crazy idea that I was able to put together in a few hours!!!  I was brainstorming our current calendar and thinking of making some cute themed calendar numbers when it occurred to me they could be SO much more than just cute.  I could teach my kiddos 1 simple {but important} fact each day based around a certain theme.  I decided on an Independence Day/America theme for July and got to work brainstorming 31 symbols and facts.  I will admit the last few were a stretch but I finally got 31!
I am horrible at remembering historical facts and I do not want my kids to be like me so I hope to use this method to teach facts in an easy and simple way.  Obviously these can be used over each year and many facts will also be eventually taught in their school lessons.  I thought this would be a great way to introduce and reinforce at the same time {for Mommy too}.  Even Ladybug will begin to soak up concepts simply by sitting with us.
This first set was created with PacMan in mind, knowing that for Krash and Ladybug-anything they soak up is just a bonus.  I have big dreams of bringing this whole idea to a bigger level and am working with a friend behind the scenes on the idea!  I hope to have more to share with you soon!
Below you can see what the cards themselves look like, on the left are the cards you would use for the numbers on your calendar and on the right are the concept cards that go with each card.  I made them to fit my particular pocket chart calendar but you could use a poster foam board and velcro to easily create your own set up.  You could also use a standard pocket chart.  They seem like they would fit in this calendar on Amazon but I am not certain.
Slide1  Slide2Slide3  Slide4
Slide5  Slide6
Slide7  Slide8
Slide9 Slide11 Slide10

I put mine in our calendar to show you how they look, and I plan to share more about how it goes with my kiddos when we begin.  I have several ideas of games to play and fun ways to make it more than just calendar numbers too!IMG_7277

I printed my numbers on cardstock and laminated them before cutting them apart.  I have the concept cards whole right now, but I think I will cut them.  I am still deciding what will work best.  I will share what we end up deciding!

Independence Day eBook


Independence Day eBook Cover

Our new Let’s Explore Independence Day eBook is available for just $1.00 in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop!

Our Let’s Explore ebooks take the awesome Calendar Connections themes that Shannon has developed, and turns them into full size files to be used as eBooks.  You can read them on your computer, your iPad, or any device that supports PDF files.  Yes, you can even print them full size!  Remember, I have a tutorial for using these on your iPad here {the format is the same as the Easy Readers}. We both have iPads so that what we will be using them on.  Each eBook page has a number, which correlates with the order in the 4th of July Calendar Connections cards.

Independence Day Calendar Connections  Independence Day

BUT, you don’t have to use this eBook with the CC cards, it can stand alone as a simple way to learn about a particular topic.  The series is created with 3rd-6th graders in mind, but it isn’t limited to those grades.  It is a great way to explore a topic across grade levels within your homeschool!

If you have any trouble downloading your ebook, I recommend first trying to right click and save to your computer and then open.  I also recommend trying to use a different internet browser, sometimes that’s the problem.  You can also see the troubleshooting tips in this post {these tips are also for any other PDF files you may have issues with!}.

4th of July Sensory Bin

4th of July sensory bin

In honor the upcoming holiday, I made the kids a 4th of July Sensory Bin


The kids won’t see it until the week of the 4th but I went ahead and made a few bins this week while the boys are still out of town! I actually got a few bins prepared and will share those soon too!

Target made it easy for me, as I got many of the extras there! I also dyed rice red and blue for the base underneath …IMG_7228

My favorite part is the fireworks straws {from Target}…IMG_7235

The sides of the bin have gel clings {which the kids adore}, and inside I put spiky balls, red/blue beads {Target}, and glittery pom poms {Target}…IMG_7238

A bit of info on where I got some of the stuff

  • Spikey Balls: mine were from Walmart awhile back, but I saw them online here.
  • Glittery Pom Poms, bead necklaces: Target-in the birthday section
  • Buckets: $1 section at Target
  • Fireworks Straws: Target-on an end cap with 4th of July stuff.
  • Gel Clings: I have NO clue-my mom got these for us awhile back and sent them up in a box-Michaels would be my guess?

I may add more red and blue stuff, but I wanted this to be simple. I have red, white and blue spoons, cups and bowls ready to put out with the tub also.

Here’s a few more 4th of July Sensory Bins I found online…

If you haven’t read the Montessori Minute post about sensory play, be sure to read that to see why these bins are so wonderful for kids!

Use this button to jump to all of my Sensory Bin posts anytime. Sensory-Bins622

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