Photography & Adoption…2 Loves

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I don’t talk much about adoption over here. Actually I don’t talk much about it at all. But I chat with God about it a lot. I used to think we would have adopted by now. We have been guardians {2 different times}, totally God’s plan. Now we are content with our 3 biological kiddos, and content not knowing what the future holds for us. Neither of us feel called to pursue adoption right now, but both my husband and I are completely open to God’s will in this area {and all areas actually}.

So, since we are not adopting and have no plans to adopt in the immediate future, I find myself reading adoption blogs {I am a bit of a blog stalker-if you have a blog focused on your adoption I may indeed be stalking you visiting your blog}! I spend my time praying for other families!

I met someone recently who goes to our home church in NC and she is a blog reader-totally cool! She knows someone also from my hometown and passed along their adoption information to me, we too have become fast “friends”. I am so excited about their fundraiser and have offered to help spread the word for them, the idea is simply genius and involves another love of mine-photography!

This is the beautiful family…The Braniffs.


They are in the process of adopting a daughter, Rose ~ from the DRC in Africa.

You can read their story in a few places specifically on their blog,

  • Why Adoption?
  • Broken {where they share why they are choosing to adopt from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa}
  • You can also read even more of the specifics of their story here where they were recently featured on Filled with Praise.

Now for my 2nd love-photography! I love my camera and I love seeing others learn how to use their cameras…I just don’t have time to teach them usually! This is where Angela steps in! She is a photographer, check out some of her beautiful work!!! Here’s a sneak peak at her beautiful daughters, photos taken by Angela, of course! These were their “back to homeschool” photos for this year!

image image image

She wrote an eBook all about the basics of taking great pictures using your DSLR, for newbies!


This eBook is simple and to the point, with photos on almost every page to show you examples. It won’t take you long to read and will be something you can go back to and try different things out to achieve photographer-like results!!! Angela sent me a copy to peek at so I could share with you and I loved it!

Here’s the cool part…the fundraiser!!! This fundraiser really does benefit YOU and THEM without a middle {loss of money} portion. That’s why I loved this fundraiser so much! The eBook cost Angela just time to create, so there is no middle man to pay for a product! You pay for the eBook and then they receive 100% profits for their adoption costs!!!

She has priced the eBook at $25 which is very reasonable and a wonderful way to donate and get something valuable in return.

If you are strapped financially and really want to get the eBook and support them, she is offering my readers a discount of $5 – 5off – off making it only $20. Please only use this option if you need to.

Additionally, just to give you a bit more incentive, I am going to offer a giveaway of all 3 of my “for sale” items… RRSP Download Bundle, Members Only, and You Can Read.

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Finally, John Bowman is offering to GIVE anyone who purchases Angela’s eBook a FREE copy of Montessori at Home! See details here!

In a nutshell, here’s the deal…

  • Go here and purchase your eBook “Life…As You See It” here for $25 {or $20 using code- 5off }
  • Read your eBook and become a better beginner photographer.
  • Thank God for allowing you to be a small part of bringing one of his orphans home, baby Rose.
  • Come back to this post and leave me a comment if you’d like to be entered to win access to…You Can Read, Members Only, and the RRSP Download Bundle!
  • Leave me a comment, or send me an email if you purchase and would like John to send you a free copy of Montessori at Home!
  • Optional…follow along with their blog to see Rose in person when she arrives and then thank God again, and again, and again. Got it? 😉
  • Optional…share about the eBook you just bought and love and the Braniff story on your Facebook, blog or whatever! Spread the word if you feel led in your heart to do so!

Disclaimer- although I LOVE adoption and read adoption blogs and pray like crazy and donate personally, this is the first time I have used my blog to reach out to share a fundraiser. I do NOT plan to do this often…only as the Spirit leads me personally. I am fully aware that I can’t help everyone but I can help 1. I am a big believer in following the Holy Spirit where I am personally led to be a part of change and making a difference. The Holy Spirit definitely led me to feel called to share this particular story on my blog. Angela did NOT ask me to share or even know I was considering it, I shocked her with my email!