Something Special ~ Campfire Craft

Campfire Craft

It has been a LONG time since we have done Something Special and I certainly flopped big time on the original plan.  But, I have moderate aspirations of doing Something Special around here a bit more often than, never.

We had camping week recently, and I thought it would be fun to make pretend campfires.  I was inspired by a few I saw online, ultimately adjusting our campfire craft just for us.


What you need:

  • Tubes {toilet paper or paper towel cut in half}
  • coffee filters
  • orange, red, yellow paint
  • paper plates
  • glue, scissors

Paint paper towel or toilet paper tubes brown, place on a paper plate to dry and to use as the base for the fire.  If you’re craftier than we are you can paint the paper plate brown and make it look like the ground-add some twigs, rocks and such!


Drop bits of paint onto one coffee filter…


Lay another one on top…


Smoosh them all around together and be sure to get your hands really messy.


Be careful that the fire doesn’t burn you.


If your kid doesn’t like getting his hands dirty, just do it for him.



Lay them out to dry.

A word of advice… if you don’t want to paint 2 sets, be sure to check the forecast before you have the brilliant idea of laying them out in the sun to dry.  We laid ours outside and came back an hour later to find them soaked and scattered around the yard after a quick afternoon shower.

So, we made another set and dried those inside.



Fold up the flames and position all of your products just so and use a bit of glue to be sure they don’t all fall apart instantly.  You can trim up the coffee filters to look a bit more like flames.



We chose to only create 1 craft fire and left the other logs and flames to be used for pretend play.  The kids have had fun creating fires with the pieces and playing.


Pac Man even made pretend marshmallows with wadded up paper hooked to the ends of pencils to roast over the pretend fires, lit up in the dark by electric flickering candles!


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