Tot School ~ At the Beach

~Ladybug is currently 28.5 months old~


Ladybug spent the week in Myrtle Beach, SC this past week, we just returned today.


She did NOT like the sand.  A more accurate statement would be she HATED THE SAND.IMG_2320 IMG_3091

She LOVED the pool!!!IMG_2437

IMG_2603  IMG_2998IMG_2483

IMG_3499  IMG_2516


She loved Wonder Works, and indoor interactive museum…

IMG_3214 IMG_3228 IMG_3241


IMG_3254 IMG_3270

She pulled out MUCH girly drama for us during the week.  Oh 2 year olds.IMG_3221

She made a Sally at Ride Makerz

IMG_3337  IMG_3326



We went to eat Japanese and she actually attempted to use her chopsticks for the first time!IMG_3362


She fed ducks, and chased them…

IMG_3457  IMG_3416


We enjoyed a night at Family Kingdom, a neat amusement park.  She was all smiles, at first ~ before the rides started moving.


Then it was tears mostly…IMG_3503


Until she found the rides that were her speed.  Like the seats on the carousel with her man.IMG_3581


We had some family photos taken by our “daughter” {who used to live with us, is now in college,  and met up with us at the beach for a night}IMG_7123

IMG_7698-2Again, she showed us how she really felt about the sand. IMG_7238

Smooshed in love.IMG_7588

We are back at school tomorrow with our first official day for the new year.  I am excited…not too sure about the kiddos!


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