Raising Rocks Stars KINDERGARTEN ~ Introduction and Details

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

I had no plans of expanding Raising Rock Stars Preschool {RRSP}, but really didn’t want Krash to be done with the program.  I prayed about expanding it for his Kindergarten needs, and came up with a few sample activities many months ago.  It sat on my computer and I didn’t feel led to dive into development until recently and now I am so excited to announce that Raising Rock Stars KINDERGARTEN is a reality!

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This post will share details about each activity included in the sets and how I recommend using them.  This post is also linked up on the main sheet of each printable unit so you can easily refer back to it!

The idea behind RRSK is not to be a complete Kindergarten program, it is to be able to pull in the Bible verses again with the option of adding in a few Kindergarten level activities.  We use a full Kindergarten program-Calvert and also use You Can Read, as well as many themes {using Preschool Packs and Kindergarten Printables}.

For Krash I wanted to bring back the Bible verses, and for other families I thought this would offer a nice way to group older and younger children together. You can easily use a combo of RRSP and RRSK with multiple children of different ages.  Your Kindergartener can even repeat activities s/he enjoyed from the RRSP units too. Some of you who are using RRSP currently may find that your preschooler would enjoy some of these additional activities also!

There is no set of rules on how to use these units-just do what works for your family and your child!Below I will share the printables and what I was thinking when they were created, but know that you could use many of them in a variety of ways!

We are going to do the units in ABC order {since learning to write the letters is not a factor as it is in RRSP, which is why they are presented out of order} just for simplicity, but you could do these in any order and even match the letter to what your preschooler is doing if you are trying to unit kiddos.

Each unit will have the same intro sheet with links to the main page and other helpful posts {this post being one of them}, including troubleshooting tips for PDF files..


The 2nd sheet will be specific to the letter, providing a direct link to RRSP printables that I recommend pulling in as supplements.



We are personally pulling in the following RRSP printables each week {this may change}…

Aa Bible verse  Aa application  Aa song  Aa easy reader


I am also in the process of creating a set of printables with the Bible verses set to familiar tunes.

RRSP Verse TunesThese are in the bundle as one file or available as a single download on the letter page for RRSP.  For example the printable for verse tune Aa is located here on the Letter Aa RRSP webpage.


The specific RRSK printables…

RRSK 150 x150


Trace the Verse…Have your child work on saying the verse while tracing it, use the dry erase activity center, or slip it in a sheet protector if you want to.  If you want a keepsake then have your child trace directly on the page!

Trace the Bible Verse


Cut and Glue the Verse…there are a few options of how you could use this based on your child.  Personally I will be precutting the words of the solid set on the right and having Krash glue the words on to the traceable set to start with.  We will work towards using the blanks page to glue onto as he develops more.  Cutting sometimes frustrates him now so I don’t plan to make him cut.  He also would not enjoy tracing the words again so I won’t make him do that, but I know some kids would so I included both!  DO what works for your child!

Slide4 Slide5 Slide6

What Beings With __?…this is a simple page provided as a way for you and your child to think of 4 words that start with that letter.  You can write the words, draw the words, cut them out of magazines…whatever your child would enjoy! It is also a good visual introduction to webs and graphic organizers which will be presented in later years of schooling.


Sight Word Practice…each RRSP unit has a sight word taken from the Bible verse itself.  This page is a simple way to emphasize the word.  You could use the top word for coloring, painting, or even glittering if you are brave!  The bottom word is for tracing as is the word in trace font within the verse.  You can leave this page whole or cut it apart to work with separately.


*remember each sight word from RRSP has a color by # printable here!

Vocabulary Development…I chose 2 words from the verse to work with.  One will always be the sight word and one will be a vocabulary word.  The idea is to help you child understand what a sentence is and also develop vocabulary.  Modeling neat handwriting and proper spacing is also a part of this activity as your child watches you write what s/he has said.Slide9

Sign Language… Each page will have a portion at the top that you could cut off and laminate to make a set of flashcards.  The bottom is a simple circle the correct sign activity for reinforcement.Slide10

Listening and Following Directions…One of the things young children can struggle with {Krash does a lot} is listening and following specific instructions.  This activity is to work on that.  Read the numbers with directions 1 at a time and try not to give your child any hints.  If s/he is confused, at this age it is most likely due to not listening to the directions! {of course unless there is a special need present}  This activity encourages listening skills and also reviews shapes and colors!Slide11

Math Fun…The math portion of RRSK will change each week.  I took 26 Kindergarten math skills and each week will emphasize a new one!  For your child it may be a review, or it may be an introduction.  If it is an unknown skill, your child can watch as you model the answers!Slide12

Phonics Fun…each week there will be an activity like this, using the images from the RRSP Vocabulary cards.


Story Dictating…Telling stories is such a fun part of Kindergarten and something I often forget to emphasize.  This is why I included this activity.  Have your child dictate a story to you about the image.  You model good writing as you write his/her words down.

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RRSK units A-P are available for FREE here so you can get a good feel if this is something your family could use.  If it is, you can see purchase options for the bundle here!