Read & Write the Room A to Z

Many years ago when I taught Kindergarten I enjoyed using Read & Write the Room with my students. I began using this idea with my own children when they were younger. You can see our original post about this here. Now that it is time for me to teach Kindergarten again, I am bringing the activity back! But first, what is Read & Write the Room? Read below to see and decide if it might be something your child would enjoy.

What is Read & Write the Room?

The concept is very simple. Word cards are placed around the room to be read and as students locate the cards, they write the words on a recording sheet.


What is included?


Word Cards

Each set includes at least 5 words, some include up to 18 words! These are cut apart and placed around the room. You can also use these cards for other activities {print 2 and play memory!}.


Recording Sheets

I offer 5 different recording sheet options, choose what is best for your child!


How is Read & Write the Room Set Up?

  • Print the image/word cards and cut apart.
  • Tape these around the schoolroom or school area in your home.
  • Give your child a clipboard, and a pencil and have him/her find the words and record them on the recording sheet you choose.
  • For fun, allow your child to use funny glasses, a fun word pointer, and a special pen or pencil! You could even slip the recording sheet into the Crayola Dry Erase Center or sheet protector, and have your child use a dry erase marker!


WHY use Read & Write the Room?

  • Letter Identification ~ This activity is wonderful for children who are learning {or have recently learned} to identify letters.
  • Beginning Sound Practice ~ Since this set focuses on beginning sounds, it is perfect for identifying and learning beginning sounds.
  • Handwriting Practice ~ Instead of sitting at a table and writing words for handwriting practice, this activity gets kids up and moving. Often this simple change helps kids who are reluctant writers. The activity {searching for the word cards} can help them forget that they dislike handwriting practice!
  • Build Vocabulary ~ Your child may not already know the names of all words and this is a great way to build vocabulary.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this!

You can buy it here in my Shop!


You can buy a Kindergarten @ Home Membership which will give you access to this and so much more!

Read & Write the Room A to Z is included in Level 2 and Ultimate memberships!

You can read more about Kindergarten @ Home here on my blog, see FAQ here, and see a spreadsheet with cost savings details here!

You’ll notice I just added our Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook Membership {$18 value} to the Ultimate Membership, making the Ultimate membership level an even better deal!

Download Letter A Read & Write the Room for FREE here!



Kindergarten Homeschool Plans

I will be teaching two new students starting in mid-September! They are my friend’s kids and are at a PreK/K level. We will be moving at their pace and adjusting as we go along. I am SO excited to get to teach them and help their family in this way. They are a blessing to me and it is a true gift to be able to teach Kindergarten again to two kids I absolutely adore. Be sure to follow along on my blog and Instagram, so you can see all that we do together! Thanks to their awesome parents who are allowing me to share our journey with the hopes that it will help others – especially parents who are navigating this homeschool world for the first time!

I will be sharing extensively about my plans for them but wanted to get this post out ASAP since I know many of you are deciding what to do right now. Below you will find a list of what I am planning to use with them along with a few details. I promise more details will come, but this way you can see the basics.


Kindergarten @ Home Membership

Much of what I am using is available when you purchase one of our Kindergarten @ Home memberships, I will give details below to help you decide if that is a good fit for you.

First, here are the direct links to info about the K @ Home membership:


Our Plans

Below are links to everything I will be using with them. Remember, I will share a lot more as we move along!

Kindergarten Literature Units {all K Lit Units are included in all 3 levels of the K @ Home Membership}

Kindergarten Calendar Notebook  {included in the K @ Home Ultimate Membership}

Raising Lil’ Rock Stars I am expanding this to accommodate my new students and what I want to do with them, stay tuned! If you have already purchased the bundle, the new items will be added to the private page soon, stay tuned!

Reading Lessons

Letter of the Week {which will go along with the letter featured in the RLRS lessons} We may not do all of these for every letter, but this is the main list I will pull activities from.

Additional Math Activities



This past weekend I assessed both kids and got a feel for where they are at. They are in a wonderful sweet spot between PreK and K level which I am so excited about! Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see them in action! You can download the assessment packet I created here, it’s the same one I used with my own kids many years ago!


Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook


I have a new adventure awaiting me – homeschooling Kindergarten again! I am helping a friend with her 2 children {Pre K and K} and couldn’t be more excited! You’ll be seeing a LOT more PreK and K on my blog and Instagram since she is allowing me to feature her kids and our activities! This new Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook was created for my new students!

I wanted to condense everything I would have up on a wall for calendar time into a notebook so the kids could access it easily anywhere. They will be coming to my house a few days a week and staying at theirs the other days. This notebook will be easily passed back and forth so they can work on it daily!

My other thought with creating a monthly calendar notebook for daily practice was to help new homeschooling families who feel a bit lost! This notebook is a simple way to review many Kindergarten skills every day! Below you can see all of the skills that are included. It is geared for Kindergarten but will be appropriate for many preschoolers too! Some 1st graders will enjoy it also! It all depends on your child!

As I get going with my new students in September, you’ll see a lot more in action, but for now, I created a little video walkthrough to give you my thoughts on the different activities included and also the different levels.



I decided to create a lifetime membership option instead of individual calendars for sale each month since they will “expire” each month. With the membership you can visit anytime {you’ll be given a private link and password} to download new calendars. For now, I am guaranteeing a new monthly calendar through July 2021, but it is highly likely I will continue to create them indefinitely!

Use Anytime Themes

I also wanted to add some “use anytime” theme-based calendars {which will be for sale individually AND included in the membership}. These are editable PDF files so you can type the month/year in yourself! These were created for a few reasons – the main one was to have a replacement if you needed a theme substitute for a specific month. If your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween and you don’t like the October images, you can choose one of the “use anytime” themes to replace it!

Currently, we have three themes available – ocean, farm, and transportation. I am working on dinosaurs right now and have plans to add several more!


Like what you see?

Grab your membership here!


Teaching Kindergarten at Home

Many of you know I am a former Kindergarten teacher and that my passion is early childhood education. After becoming a homeschooler {reluctantly}, my passion grew to find a way to empower families to feel confident homeschooling the early years. I speak at homeschool conventions and meet hundreds of families each year, and every family I meet ignites that passion! Many people are nervous about educating their younger child at home, the same way I was nervous about teaching middle school and high school at home {which I have now done and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be}. Over the years, I have developed many resources for homeschooling families and I have something new for you today that I hope will really help those of you wanting to homeschool Kindergarten.

Before I move on, please remember, that although the official word is Kindergarten, your homeschooled child is not locked into a specific “grade,” especially in the early years. It is all about following the lead of the child and finding your child’s sweet spot.

Are you a bit overwhelmed?

One of the things a homeschool educator feels often is OVERWHELMED. Even I did when I taught Kindergarten at home for the first time, and I was a K teacher – I knew what I was doing. But it is different and overwhelming when it’s all on you and it’s YOUR child. My goal is to make things less overwhelming, and one of the ways to do that is to save you time. I have gathered all of our Kindergarten products into a simple membership area called K @ Home, where you can easily access exactly what you need, all on one webpage! No ads, no browsing around, just log in and download what you want!

I created 3 different levels of membership so you can cater your investment to your personal needs. Below I will describe the three different levels so you can make the best choice for your family!

K @ Home Level 1

Level 1 is a simple way to get your hands on ALL of our Kindergarten Literature Units, which are the base of our homeschool Kindergarten. Currently, we have 10 premium units that sell for $3.00 individually. We also have 10 free units. I have plans to add at least 2 more premium units, possibly more. In this section, you will find simple, direct links to all of these units as well as links to the blog posts sharing more about each unit to give you ideas! It really is a time-saver and will make things easier for you! Below you can see a screenshot of the private page so you can see how it is laid out. The screenshot does not show the entire webpage, just the top portion so you can see how it is organized.

K @ Home Level 2

Level 2 includes all of the K Literature Units and all of our alphabet products, as well as our Let’s Explore Colors, and Let’s Explore Shapes! If I create any new ABC, colors, or shapes products they will be added to this section! Below you can see a screenshot of the private page so you can see what you will have access to. The screenshot does not show the entire webpage, just the top portion so you can see how it is laid out. You can see the menu which makes it simple to jump to a specific section of the private webpage.

K @ Home Ultimate

Our Ultimate level includes everything from Level 1 & 2 as well as everything else we have that is geared towards Kindergarten! You even get access to our full programs – Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten, You Can Read Sight Words, and You Can Read Word Families! You get all of our seasonal mega bundles, premium theme bundles, Calendar bundle {updated with the new year when it is released}, Tracing Fun Bundle, and Opposites Bundle! Additionally, you get access to our Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebooks {an $18 value!}.

In addition to what is there now, if I create anything new for Kindergarten it will be added here!

Below you can see a screenshot of the private page so you can see a peek of what you will have access to. The screenshot does not show the entire webpage, just the top portion so you can see how it is laid out. You can see the menu which makes it simple to jump to a specific section of the private webpage.

Pricing & Savings Info

If you are a number cruncher like me, you’ll want to know exactly how much you are saving by purchasing a K @ Home membership. I created a Google Doc here with those details! You can see a list of the products included in each level, the savings per level, and the cost of each level. The cost is the lowest currently but will go up as new products are added. The price will be increased before the end of the summer, so if you are wanting to have access for the upcoming school year, don’t wait!

Membership Length

Memberships are valid for 1 year, BUT I have added 3 additional months just for a limited time, so you can rest at ease knowing you’ll have access throughout the entire summer and next school year. Plenty of time to plan and access everything! I have answers to more FAQ here!

I truly hope this new K @ Home membership section is a blessing to many of you! It is my goal to make things easier for you and to save you time, while also supporting my own family through the sales of my products! I have more ideas to add to the membership area, so it will only get better! Grab your K @ Home membership here!

Big Red Barn Farm Kindergarten Literature Unit

We have another new Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printable Pack which is expanded to include more activities than our units in the past! Explore farm life with this new set based on the book Big Red Barn by, Margaret Wise Brown.

Set the stage for your unit by gathering extra books and some toys! It helps to draw your child in and get her/him excited about your learning time together.

Don’t have a lot of toys and books to go along with this book? Ask friends, go to the library, or buy some things you think might be a good long term investment for your homeschool! Be sure to purchase the book Big Red Barn, or check it out from your library. In addition to the main book, I recommend adding in other fun FARM books to bring the theme alive!

Looking for more ideas for a FARM theme? Check out our farm theme idea page here, filled with more free farm printables!

 For this unit, I selected several Kindergarten Math and Literacy Goals to focus on.

Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

There are over 20 activities to keep your Kindergartener engaged for quite a while! Many tots, preschoolers, and even 1st graders will enjoy this set! The main focus is Kindergarten but that isn’t exclusive! Below you can see a collage of all the printables included! Click each image to enlarge!


Big Red Barn features a simple, rhythmic text about the cycle of a day on a farm, where a family of animals peacefully plays and sleeps.

The printables were created to go along with the story as you will see in the photos below! Connecting your activities to a book is such a great way to weave a literacy-rich learning environment into your homeschool in such a natural and fun way!

Have fun retelling the story and expanding comprehension with our comprehension questions, photo cards, and sequencing activities!

Explore beginning sounds, sight words, rhyming, and more with these fun activities!


Explore important Kindergarten math concepts with several different activities.

You’ll also find some science activities – labeling a goat and the life cycle of a chicken. Explore positional words with a mini-book, and have fun finding some differences! Also included – some tracing and coloring fun!

Big Red Barn Kindergarten Literature Unit is here in my Shop!

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Looking for more Kindergarten Literature Units? See all of them here!

Kindergarten Literature Units