CVC Word Puzzles

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I am teaching two young children who are using All About Reading Level 1 right now. We are working on reading CVC words and they practice at home a lot in addition to their time with me. I created these word puzzles as a fun way to practice!

All About Reading Level 1 moves quickly but it isn’t meant to do at a particular speed. The lessons introduce the sounds and words, but many kids need additional practice before moving on to the next lesson. I am creating resources for them to use and will be sharing them here also, so be sure to follow along!

Preparation Instructions:

If you’d like to use yours the way we are using ours, with a work mat, follow these instructions to prepare!

Print the work mat and laminate. We printed ours on colored paper. Add Velcro strips to the gray lines.


Print the word cards, cut on dotted lines, and laminate. Add Velcro dots to the back of each piece.

Choose the words you want your child to work on and present those! We store our pieces in these storage containers.


Want the Bundle?

I have prepared a bundle with all of the word puzzles for each vowel in my shop and also added it to the PreK/K @ Home Ultimate member section! If you are already a member, go grab it! If you aren’t, see info about the K @ Home Membership here!

You can purchase the bundle here in my shop individually.


I will also be sharing individual sets for free on our new All CVC Words webpage!


You’ll find the free SHORT A set there now!