Read & Write the Room A to Z

Many years ago when I taught Kindergarten I enjoyed using Read & Write the Room with my students. I began using this idea with my own children when they were younger. You can see our original post about this here. Now that it is time for me to teach Kindergarten again, I am bringing the activity back! But first, what is Read & Write the Room? Read below to see and decide if it might be something your child would enjoy.

What is Read & Write the Room?

The concept is very simple. Word cards are placed around the room to be read and as students locate the cards, they write the words on a recording sheet.


What is included?


Word Cards

Each set includes at least 5 words, some include up to 18 words! These are cut apart and placed around the room. You can also use these cards for other activities {print 2 and play memory!}.


Recording Sheets

I offer 5 different recording sheet options, choose what is best for your child!


How is Read & Write the Room Set Up?

  • Print the image/word cards and cut apart.
  • Tape these around the schoolroom or school area in your home.
  • Give your child a clipboard, and a pencil and have him/her find the words and record them on the recording sheet you choose.
  • For fun, allow your child to use funny glasses, a fun word pointer, and a special pen or pencil! You could even slip the recording sheet into the Crayola Dry Erase Center or sheet protector, and have your child use a dry erase marker!


WHY use Read & Write the Room?

  • Letter Identification ~ This activity is wonderful for children who are learning {or have recently learned} to identify letters.
  • Beginning Sound Practice ~ Since this set focuses on beginning sounds, it is perfect for identifying and learning beginning sounds.
  • Handwriting Practice ~ Instead of sitting at a table and writing words for handwriting practice, this activity gets kids up and moving. Often this simple change helps kids who are reluctant writers. The activity {searching for the word cards} can help them forget that they dislike handwriting practice!
  • Build Vocabulary ~ Your child may not already know the names of all words and this is a great way to build vocabulary.

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this!

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