Kindergarten Homeschool Plans

I will be teaching two new students starting in mid-September! They are my friend’s kids and are at a PreK/K level. We will be moving at their pace and adjusting as we go along. I am SO excited to get to teach them and help their family in this way. They are a blessing to me and it is a true gift to be able to teach Kindergarten again to two kids I absolutely adore. Be sure to follow along on my blog and Instagram, so you can see all that we do together! Thanks to their awesome parents who are allowing me to share our journey with the hopes that it will help others – especially parents who are navigating this homeschool world for the first time!

I will be sharing extensively about my plans for them but wanted to get this post out ASAP since I know many of you are deciding what to do right now. Below you will find a list of what I am planning to use with them along with a few details. I promise more details will come, but this way you can see the basics.


Kindergarten @ Home Membership

Much of what I am using is available when you purchase one of our Kindergarten @ Home memberships, I will give details below to help you decide if that is a good fit for you.

First, here are the direct links to info about the K @ Home membership:


Our Plans

Below are links to everything I will be using with them. Remember, I will share a lot more as we move along!

Kindergarten Literature Units {all K Lit Units are included in all 3 levels of the K @ Home Membership}

Kindergarten Calendar Notebook  {included in the K @ Home Ultimate Membership}

Raising Lil’ Rock Stars I am expanding this to accommodate my new students and what I want to do with them, stay tuned! If you have already purchased the bundle, the new items will be added to the private page soon, stay tuned!

Reading Lessons

Letter of the Week {which will go along with the letter featured in the RLRS lessons} We may not do all of these for every letter, but this is the main list I will pull activities from.

Additional Math Activities



This past weekend I assessed both kids and got a feel for where they are at. They are in a wonderful sweet spot between PreK and K level which I am so excited about! Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see them in action! You can download the assessment packet I created here, it’s the same one I used with my own kids many years ago!