Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook


I have a new adventure awaiting me – homeschooling Kindergarten again! I am helping a friend with her 2 children {Pre K and K} and couldn’t be more excited! You’ll be seeing a LOT more PreK and K on my blog and Instagram since she is allowing me to feature her kids and our activities! This new Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook was created for my new students!

I wanted to condense everything I would have up on a wall for calendar time into a notebook so the kids could access it easily anywhere. They will be coming to my house a few days a week and staying at theirs the other days. This notebook will be easily passed back and forth so they can work on it daily!

My other thought with creating a monthly calendar notebook for daily practice was to help new homeschooling families who feel a bit lost! This notebook is a simple way to review many Kindergarten skills every day! Below you can see all of the skills that are included. It is geared for Kindergarten but will be appropriate for many preschoolers too! Some 1st graders will enjoy it also! It all depends on your child!

As I get going with my new students in September, you’ll see a lot more in action, but for now, I created a little video walkthrough to give you my thoughts on the different activities included and also the different levels.



I decided to create a lifetime membership option instead of individual calendars for sale each month since they will “expire” each month. With the membership you can visit anytime {you’ll be given a private link and password} to download new calendars. For now, I am guaranteeing a new monthly calendar through July 2021, but it is highly likely I will continue to create them indefinitely!

Use Anytime Themes

I also wanted to add some “use anytime” theme-based calendars {which will be for sale individually AND included in the membership}. These are editable PDF files so you can type the month/year in yourself! These were created for a few reasons – the main one was to have a replacement if you needed a theme substitute for a specific month. If your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween and you don’t like the October images, you can choose one of the “use anytime” themes to replace it!

Currently, we have three themes available – ocean, farm, and transportation. I am working on dinosaurs right now and have plans to add several more!


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