Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook


I have a new adventure awaiting me – homeschooling Kindergarten again! I am helping a friend with her 2 children {Pre K and K} and couldn’t be more excited! You’ll be seeing a LOT more PreK and K on my blog and Instagram since she is allowing me to feature her kids and our activities! This new Kindergarten Monthly Calendar Notebook was created for my new students!

I wanted to condense everything I would have up on a wall for calendar time into a notebook so the kids could access it easily anywhere. They will be coming to my house a few days a week and staying at theirs the other days. This notebook will be easily passed back and forth so they can work on it daily!

My other thought with creating a monthly calendar notebook for daily practice was to help new homeschooling families who feel a bit lost! This notebook is a simple way to review many Kindergarten skills every day! Below you can see all of the skills that are included. It is geared for Kindergarten but will be appropriate for many preschoolers too! Some 1st graders will enjoy it also! It all depends on your child!

As I get going with my new students in September, you’ll see a lot more in action, but for now, I created a little video walkthrough to give you my thoughts on the different activities included and also the different levels.



I decided to create a lifetime membership option instead of individual calendars for sale each month since they will “expire” each month. With the membership you can visit anytime {you’ll be given a private link and password} to download new calendars. For now, I am guaranteeing a new monthly calendar through July 2021, but it is highly likely I will continue to create them indefinitely!

Use Anytime Themes

I also wanted to add some “use anytime” theme-based calendars {which will be for sale individually AND included in the membership}. These are editable PDF files so you can type the month/year in yourself! These were created for a few reasons – the main one was to have a replacement if you needed a theme substitute for a specific month. If your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween and you don’t like the October images, you can choose one of the “use anytime” themes to replace it!

Currently, we have three themes available – ocean, farm, and transportation. I am working on dinosaurs right now and have plans to add several more!


Like what you see?

Grab your membership here!


Transportation Preschool Pack

Transportation Preschool Printables

We have a new Transportation Theme Preschool Pack for you! I hope this new transportation printable pack is put to good use by many of your tots and preschoolers!

You’ll find many printable activities to enjoy while exposing your children to early learning skills! Numbers, letters, shapes, colors, reading readiness, cutting, gluing and more!

Transportation Preschool Printables (6) Transportation Preschool Printables (14)Transportation Preschool Printables (4) Transportation Preschool Printables (5)Transportation Preschool Printables (10) Transportation Preschool Printables (12)Transportation Preschool Printables (16) Transportation Preschool Printables (17)Transportation Preschool Printables (19) Transportation Preschool Printables (21)Transportation Preschool Printables (1) Transportation Preschool Printables (2)Transportation Preschool Printables (7) Transportation Preschool Printables (8)

Download your free Transportation Preschool Pack here!

Looking for more transportation printables and ideas?  Be sure to check out our Transportation Theme Pinterest board here!

Transportation Preschool Printables F

Grab more fun Transportation theme printables from Homeschool Creations here!


Don’t Forget!

Transportation Theme Printables & More

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Monster Trucks Preschool PackMonster Trucks Printables

Transportation Sensory Bin


Thomas the Train Tot Book


Cars Tot Bookimage

Cars Preschool Packimage

Cars Pack in action on our blog…image

Old, New, Red, Blue Pocket Chart Printablesimage

Big Machines Tot Book



Tot School Printables ~ Tt is for Train

{Transportation Vocabulary Development Theme}

Letter Tt Printable for Toddlers Letter Tt Printable for Toddlers 2

From my Friends…

Transportation Preschool Packimage

Blog post featuring this pack in actionimage

Transportation Unitsimage

Racing Racecars Gameimage

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imageYou can check out my Transportation Finds here!

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Tot School ~ Letter Tt

~Ladybug is currently 29.5 months old~



Tot School Printables T is for Train

Letter: Tt

Object: Train

Vocabulary Development Theme: Transportation

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Here’s a peek at some of the Letter Tt activities she wanted to do {and I managed to snap photos of}.

Tracing Tt’s in her dry erase centerIMG_4846

Coloring T items and LOVING the photos I was taking!IMG_4793

Gluing shapes…IMG_4803

Finding transportation objects…IMG_4991

Line tracing…IMG_5007

She Dot painted her letters, then we tried stamping, which soon turned to coloring…  IMG_4959


Letter Tt printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter T


Tot-Trays2622222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[1]

Her shelves were mostly Fall themed, with a few random items!

On her shelves…IMG_4738IMG_4746  IMG_4747

Our fall sensory bin was out in the open and played with daily.  Ladybug works on so many skills while she plays.


Here she was tossing leaves as we were singing one of our fall songs.IMG_4761

PacMan was “leaf blowing” with our ball toy!IMG_4780

I added in a glass jar when I was close by, she had fun using her tongs to put items in.

IMG_4908  IMG_5014

She chose to use the tongs for clean up time mostly too!IMG_4913

She learned to stuff leaves down the blower toy and make them shoot out!

IMG_5029 IMG_5030

We used marbles for spooning one day too…IMG_5036

The leaves/styrofoam was fun, although Krash liked it more than she did!



She had more fun arranging them and watching them spin around!IMG_4902


Plastic letters into the can was a BIG hit and played with daily.IMG_4880


One of our all time favorite toys made an appearance.  Even the boys still love this thing.IMG_4750


In honor of her Tot School Printable train theme, I got out her big toy train too.


Of course our Foam blocks were out a lot.  This particular time she was covering up her friends and rescuing them!

IMG_4914IMG_4916 IMG_4921




I printed out some fall activities I thought she might enjoy, mostly from other websites-which I link to below.

Here she is coloring a squirrel.  She worked on him almost every day!



She did leaf tracingIMG_4794

Worked on a “Where’s the Scarecrow” bookIMG_4937

Counted fall items with me, she still can’t handle this on her own.IMG_4946

Dot painted fall picturesIMG_4951




Ladybug still loves the iPad, usually while sitting in our bean bag.  We got a few new apps recently and she has some old favorites too.  She has spent most of her time playing Tozzle, Monkey Preschool, GoFun, Starfall, and Kneebouncers.  She is determined to figure out Monkey Math, which is Krash’s game, but it is a bit too hard for her.  She likes to do it with me.IMG_5044

image  image  image  image  image  image



My little drama mama, all shots within seconds of each other.

IMG_4994 IMG_4996IMG_4998 IMG_4997


Pocket Chart Printables

Pocket Chart Printables

While reading the book, I Like Bugs, with Krash one night an idea hit me.


He really enjoyed the book and asked me to read it several times. My days of teaching Kindergarten flooded back to me and the image of a pocket chart popped into my head.

So what did I do?

I said goodnight and jumped on the computer to create my first set of Pocket Chart Printables! I can’t sleep when an idea hits me and I wanted to act on his love for the book and have it ready for him the next day!Pocket Chart Printables I Like Bugs

What did we do with the pocket chart printables?

We read the book and then laid the strips all around the floor…IMG_8430

We went back and read the book one page at a time and Krash found the matching strip for the pocket chart and put it up…IMG_8433

After they were all up, we read the story in the pocket chart together!IMG_8435

Several times {pencil pointer is from Target $1 section}!IMG_8439

These were very easy to make and he enjoyed the activity a lot. I decided to go ahead and make a couple more sets for other easy readers…

Old, New, Red, Blue is actually a favorite book for Ladybug-to the point that she can almost “read” the entire book herself. I plan to use this set with her!

Pocket Chart Printables Old, New, Red, Blue

I made a set for the book, The Frog and the Fly to go along with our upcoming pond theme!

Pocket Chart Printables The Frog and the Fly

If you have any easy readers you’d like me to look into making sets for, let me know! I forgot how much I loved a pocket chart and we have really been putting ours to good use lately {you can see it in recent Tot School photos}. They do have pocket charts in the $1 section at Target right now, I am not certain of the size. If you have a Target definitely check it out. You could always buy 2 if they aren’t big enough and hang them side by side!

You can download these sets and any others I create here on my website for FREE!