Transportation Preschool Fun

We added in a Transportation unit recently and I wanted to share the activities Krash enjoyed! We used Jolanthe’s Transportation Preschool Pack and my Cars Preschool Pack for our learning fun!  It was a short unit, but fun for a small break from RRSP!  I have learned that taking a week here and there to just do a fun theme is good for both of us!

Transportation Preschool Theme

The following photos are all activities taken from the Transportation Preschool Pack.

Transportation Preschool Pack Button copy

Shadow Matching…


3-Part PuzzlesIMG_7200

Sorting Left/Right…IMG_7208

Labeling {he LOVED this}IMG_7228


The following activities were all from the Cars Preschool Pack

Cars Preschool Pack

Labeling Shapes {again, LOVED this}IMG_7387


SO proud!!!IMG_7397



Play Doh…IMG_7412

Counting and Tracing…IMG_7382

He LOVED the Racing Cars game, which we got from Mama Jenn.  We also used our Education Cubes with number inserts to play.IMG_7237

The Transportation Sensory Bin was played with daily!





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