Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Lesson Planning Sheets

You may have noticed in my RRSP Letter Yy post, that I have added lesson plans for each unit as a pdf download. I began creating these for myself on the computer and thought they might be helpful to some of you. I linked up activities directly in the plan so when you open the PDF file, you can directly click on anything linked up to see where I got the activity or the specific toy. I hope these help and I will be making them for the remaining units, I may even try to go back and create them based on my notes from previous units-we’ll see! Yy Lesson Plan

You can find the lesson plan downloads on each specific letter’s page. Here’s what it looks like on letter Yy webpage {see below}, you click on the Bible verse to download the entire printable unit, click on the lesson plan to download the filled in plan and also a blank version so you could write in your own plans.image

I hope this is helpful to some of you! Even if you don’t use my form or even RRSP, I hope it can at least helps you with ideas for particular letters units. It should also give you fresh ideas for other preschool learning tools. I am constantly searching myself {gaining ideas from many of you} and I know my own sheets will help me when I go back in a few years to plan for Ladybug!

If you are looking for non-RRSP planning forms, you can find those Preschool Workbox Planning Forms here!