Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Yy

Raising Rock Stars Preschool Letter Y

Rock stars This is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

Our letter this week ~ Yy, our verse: You are my friends if you do whatever I command you. IMG_5940


Krash colors his verse, this is one of the first time he intentionally colored for a while with thought.  He used different colors and really tried to stay in the lines!IMG_5948

After he cuts out his vocabulary cards, we put them in his RRSP Notebook together.  He likes to use the pointer to find words I call out!  Sometimes we review past letters too!IMG_5944


Measuring his verse…IMG_6522


We used the gel tracing pack {included in the Grasshopper ABC kit} to practice before writing this week …IMG_6529


Making his Bible craft…IMG_6534


We brought out our foam ABCs to work on our sight word: you.  I also used our dry erase board.  After doing a bit of word work, we read the easy reader and he found the word on each page.  He is just on the edge of really grasping words, but not quite there yet.  He still looks at me like I am a bit nuts when I ask him “what word is that?”  😉  it’s pretty funny!IMG_6508






Krash loves the counting portion of the RRSP PowerPoint shows.  Learning to make each number with his hands is always fun for him! IMG_6478


The Power Point lessons are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here. The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE on the main RRSP page…

You can download the entire letter Yy unit here.

NEW for RRSP…lessons plans!  Included is our exact plan, with links to everything we used.  Page 2 is blank in case you don’t do exactly what we do! Yy Lesson PlanYou can download the PDF file on the Yy page!


in the box {A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week, not all activities are pictured}

He did one drawing an orange from his Kumon Drawing book this week. My favorite part of this activity is definitely his dictated stories!  I know I will love this collection of drawings and stories when it is complete!  I highly recommend doing this with your preschooler {going through this book or something similar and keeping them all together in 1 notebook}.IMG_5311


We worked with our Pom Pom Numbers again, but this time a bit differently.  I used them more for fine motor practice.  First he pulled off all of the dots, and put them on the tray.  Then I showed him a number and told him what color pom pom to “eat” with Mr. Crunch from our Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit.  He LOVED this!!!!  After Mr. Crunch ate them, he “spit them out” onto the number and Krash used his fingers to place them on the velrco dots.



Yy’s on a Play Doh mat…    IMG_6493


We did a few fun letter of the week activities. Here he is doing the Y color-by-number!IMG_6526


We combined the Grasshopper ABC kit letter building Y card along with our foam shapes form the book, How to Build an A.  Krash made a Y…IMG_6538

We are continuing our ABC Crafts, here is his Y is for Yak…IMG_6047


My mom bought us this cute shape magnet book from Costco.  Krash enjoyed finding the correct shapes to put on the farm scenes as we read the book!



More Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit work, making “split pea soup.”  He really enjoyed this {much more than I actually thought he would to be honest}.  He worked really hard to make tons of peas for his soup.  This is actually the first time he successfully rolled balls like this using dough.  He usually can only make snakes!IMG_6499


A bit of Kumon cutting….IMG_6045



star boxes This is where I share the 3 special open-ended toys that were in our Star Boxes for the week.

Our 3 STAR boxes for the week: Foam ABCs, Stacking Pegs, and Felt Food.  Believe it or not, I don’t have any Star Box time photos!  I do have a Felt Food giveaway for you though! 😉




game timeOur game this week was Qwirkle.  This is a game for older kids but we modified the rules and we all had tons of fun with it, this is a great game!  I was actually very surprised with how well Krash did, even when it got a bit tricky as we got going.IMG_5076 He also enjoyed just playing with the tiles…IMG_4889  See more of our favorite preschool games here.

Life School This is where I share games, toys, and life experiences that occur outside of our planned preschool time.

The boys asked to get out Perler beads one day and it kept them busy for a long time!IMG_6079

Of course there’s always a bit of playing with Ladybug’s Tot Trays ;-p, He was very interested in her magnetic dress up doll.  He turned her into a super hero, complete with shoes on her shoulders {I am sure they were probably guns of some sort knowing him}.IMG_6483



Moms fav While on our staff retreat we got to swim!!!  I adore this boy in his goggles!!!!!  IMG_6228





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