Pocket Chart Printables

Pocket Chart Printables

While reading the book, I Like Bugs, with Krash one night an idea hit me.


He really enjoyed the book and asked me to read it several times. My days of teaching Kindergarten flooded back to me and the image of a pocket chart popped into my head.

So what did I do?

I said goodnight and jumped on the computer to create my first set of Pocket Chart Printables! I can’t sleep when an idea hits me and I wanted to act on his love for the book and have it ready for him the next day!Pocket Chart Printables I Like Bugs

What did we do with the pocket chart printables?

We read the book and then laid the strips all around the floor…IMG_8430

We went back and read the book one page at a time and Krash found the matching strip for the pocket chart and put it up…IMG_8433

After they were all up, we read the story in the pocket chart together!IMG_8435

Several times {pencil pointer is from Target $1 section}!IMG_8439

These were very easy to make and he enjoyed the activity a lot. I decided to go ahead and make a couple more sets for other easy readers…

Old, New, Red, Blue is actually a favorite book for Ladybug-to the point that she can almost “read” the entire book herself. I plan to use this set with her!

Pocket Chart Printables Old, New, Red, Blue

I made a set for the book, The Frog and the Fly to go along with our upcoming pond theme!

Pocket Chart Printables The Frog and the Fly

If you have any easy readers you’d like me to look into making sets for, let me know! I forgot how much I loved a pocket chart and we have really been putting ours to good use lately {you can see it in recent Tot School photos}. They do have pocket charts in the $1 section at Target right now, I am not certain of the size. If you have a Target definitely check it out. You could always buy 2 if they aren’t big enough and hang them side by side!

You can download these sets and any others I create here on my website for FREE!