Cars Preschool Pack

Many of you probably know that the very first Tot Book I ever made was for Krash based around  the movie “Cars.”  Krash was a little over 2 when I made the Cars Tot Book for him and he loved it!  I now have another tot who likes all things Cars!  Funny thing-she doesn’t really enjoy the movie…just the many Cars books we have around our house!  We are now using the Cars Tot Book with Ladybug, and I decided to throw together some preschool printables for Krash to join back in on the Cars fun too!  Our whole theme this week is transportation, so Cars fits in just perfectly!

Cars Preschool Printable Pack

 I also plan to use K’s old Cars Tot Book with him also, as a review!  It’s fun to be able to use something I made for him when he was 2 and now use it in a different, more advanced way!

Find the new Cars Preschool Pack here!

Cars Printables

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