Peek and Find Apple Trees

We have a new Peek & Find featuring Apple Trees! Peek & Find is a great activity for for Tot Schoolers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners and beyond. There are a few variations to this activity can easily grow with your child’s ability!

You can also add in some fun elements to the activity, or simply print, cut, and play! Below I will share the free printable, ideas for different levels of play, and fun variations.

There are two main elements of the Peek & Find activity.

The “FIND” board…

Apple Peek & Find (2)


The “PEEK” cards…

Apple Peek & Find (1)

Print the board on plain paper, or cardstock if you plan to reuse it. Print the cards, on cardstock if possible and cut them out. Laminate if you plan to use these cards repeatedly.

Looking for a great color printing option? See our favorite printer and ink here!


A few options for play…

Option #1 {single player}

Print the Peek & Find board.

Print the cards and cut out.

Mix up the cards, choose one at a time and find the object on the Peek & Find board. Color, circle, or mark the object.

Option #2 {2 or more players}

Print a Peek & Find board for each player and one set of cards. Cut out the cards.

Flip over a card and race to see who finds the object first on their board. Using Dot Paint with this game is fun!

Winner keeps the card.

Person with the most cards at the end is the winner!

See a video of my daughter and I playing {we were using the SPRING theme board in this video} …

Option #3 {sensory, fine motor activity}

Create a sensory bin and bury the cards.

Use a fine motor tool {child tweezers} to dig for cards and pull them out and then find the object on the Peek & Find board and mark it.

Option #4 {gross motor activity}

Hid the cards around the room and challenge your child to find one card at a time and bring it back to the board, find it, mark it, and repeat! This is a great version for those of you with energetic younger kids!


Options for marking the board…

  • Mini Apples
  • Dot Paint
  • BINGO Chips
  • Bottle Tops
  • Pouch Tops
  • Mini Pom Poms
  • Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils
  • Beads
  • Mini Erasers
  • Beans

      Download your FREE Peek & Find Apple Trees here!

      Peek and Find Apples-2


      Apple Books for Kids

      Apple Theme Printables and Ideas

      ABC Kids Alphabet Printables

      ABC Kids Bundle


      Our new ABC Kids bundle is filled with fun graphics to help your child who is learning to identify letters! This set is a fun way to expose early literacy skills with a focus on the alphabet. If you are doing a letter of the week program, this would be a great addition to your weekly letter focus. Add the flashcards to your ABC baskets, develop fine motor skills with the q-tip painting printables, practice early reading skills with the easy reader. Match lowercase letters to uppercase letters with the cut & glue set, and match words to pictures with the 3-part cards. Practice tracing letters and dot painting the letters with the dot fun set!

      Here’s a peek at all of the ABC Kids included in this set…

      614428130 614429164 614429480614429686614429922




      Cut on the dotted lines to create a set of flashcards.  Keep this main set on a metal ring for future reference!


      Easy Reader

      Put together this simple easy reader to work on the letters your child is learning. Laminate and use metal rings instead of stapling so you can easily add pages as you learn more words!


      Dot Fun with Handwriting Practice

      Use these pages as a fun way to get some handwriting practice in while working on letters! Ideas for using Dot Fun printables here!Slide3

      3 Part Cards

      A Montessori approach to reading and matching words to pictures. See more of our 3 part cards here!

      Slide3 Slide4

      Cut & Match Pictures to Lowercase Letters

      This is a fun hands-on way to practice matching upper and lowercase letters.Slide2

      Q-Tip Painting

      Ideas for using Q-Tip Painting Printables here!


      Grab your bundle here in my shop!

      ABC Kids Bundle

      Buy Now Button

      FREE Letter A Sample Set

      ABC Kids Letter A Sample Set

        Download Here

      Apple Theme Fun ~ Free Printables and More!

      September has arrived and for many of you a fun APPLE theme is happening in your early childhood classrooms! Here is our collection of free apple theme printables for you to browse!

      Download a free Apple Activity Printable pack here. You’ll find mazes, coloring pages and more!

      Apple Activity Pack

      Do you have some colored cubes? Give our Apple Cube printables a try! Apple Q-Tip Painting is great for working on fine motor skills!

      Apple Cube Printables  Apple Q tipPainting Printables

      These apple songs are great to use for Tot School and Preschool! My kids loved them! If you have a tot, give our A is for Apple unit from Tot School Printables a try!

       Apple-Songs-with-Printables2011  Free-Letter-A-is-for-Apple-Printable[1]

      My kids LOVE doing the apple taste test and these printables are great for recording the results! Have an entire apple theme by copying some of the ideas we used when my daughter was in Kindergarten!

      Apple Taste Test Printable   Apple Theme Homeschool Kindergarten Fun

      Print some fun apple coloring pages for you or for your kids!


      Grab some fun apple books from Amazon or your library! ! {if viewing in email click here to go to blog to be able to see the Amazon widget below}.

      Check out these cute apple toys too! Both from Learning Resources, these are great for an apple theme and math learning all year long! Apple Fractions and Attribute Apples!

      Apple Fractions     Attribute Apples

      Looking for even more apple fun? Check out our Apple Theme Pinterest board here!


      Ant Life Cycle Printables

      Free Ant Life Cycle Printables

      Learning about life cycles is such a fun thing to do with children! Did you grab our free Ladybug Life Cycle printables and butterfly life cycle printables? We have another new life cycle printable set for you today featuring the life cycle of an ant! We hope you enjoy using these free printables with your children as you explore the wonders of science through the life cycle of an ant!

      Ant Life Cycle Printables

      Ant Life Cycle Printables Ant Life Cycle Printables


      Looking for some fun ant toys to enhance your ant learning fun? These are some fun toys on Amazon! {click to blog to see widget}

      Download your FREE Ant Life Cycle Printables here!

      Looking for more BUG fun?

      Montessori-Nomenclature-Printables-3[1] Bug-Theme-Collection622 Finish-the-Picture-Trace-and-Color-BBugs-Story-Starters-Printable-Photo- Pretty-Bugs-Printable-Pack722 Bugs-Coloring-Printables722Free Butterfly Life Cycle Printables[5] Bug-Sensory-Bin72[1] Lets-Explore-Bugs-Button82[1] Free Ladybug Life Cycle Printables


      Beginning Sound Mazes ~ A, B, C FREE!


      Beginning Sound Mazes Printables

      We have a fun new set of printables for you that I have been working on for years! Yes, years! Well, it didn’t take me that long to create them, but the idea came to me years ago, I started them and never finished until now! These all new Beginning Sound Mazes are a new way to have fun with beginning sounds! Perfect for many Kindergartners, 1st graders and even some preschoolers.

      So, how do you use them?


      Beginning Sound Mazes (1 of 1)


      The control charts should only be needed if the child needs assistance. They are also a great tool on their own without the mazes!

      Beginning Sound Mazes (3 of 5)

      There are many different ways to have fun with these mazes. Your child can simply use a pencil, crayons or markers to mark each dot. Or try one of these creative ideas: Dot Paint, dot stickers, finger paint, KwikStix, Dry Erase Activity Center, or magnets with a cookie sheet!

      Beginning Sound Mazes Creative Ideas

      See some of our favorite tools from Amazon below {jump to blog if reading in email}

      Download A, B and C for free here!

      Want to buy the entire set?

      You can buy it here in our Teacher’s Notebook Shop!

      Beginning Sound Mazes


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