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This is my class…IMG_2822

I love them. 

Never thought I would be teacher to 3.

So thankful I am.


I interviewed them today, thanks to Pinterest.  I modified the idea and made my own, made a bloggy version too so I could share with you! {click here to see a pdf so you can read them!}

School Questionairre PacMan  School Questionairre Krash

I answered for Ladybug obviously…giving answers I do believe are in her little brain!School Questionairre Ladybug


This, my friends, is part of WHY we homeschool.


Instead of a goodbye hug as her 2 older brothers head off to school, it’s a middle of the day hug.

The time they share together all day long is worth every difficult moment.

ps-no I don’t have a template to share for the interviews, but feel free to totally copy anything on mine and recreate your own!