Pirate Sensory Bin

In honor of our Pirate theme, I made the them a Pirate Sensory Bin


I filled it with black pom poms, black marbles, black jewels, and black rocks.  Threw in many pirate coins and eye patches, & the little pirate toys we have. I need to add our beaded necklaces, I totally forgot about those!  I purposely didn’t put rice or anything teeny-tiny in it, so the kiddos could clean it up easily.



It has already received much love…IMG_2745


My little pirate was THRILLED and has been waiting for pirate week for a long time now!IMG_2741

All of our other pirate toys are in the schoolroom right now for pirate week, so they join in on the sensory bin fun too!IMG_2754

A bit of info about where the contents of the bin came from:

Here’s a couple more Pirate Sensory Bins I found online…

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