Christmas Gift Ideas ~ Tots {2011 update}


This is an updated re-post of the post I shared last year!  I have added a few things to this year’s idea list!

I get asked a lot about gift ideas, so I thought it might be helpful to throw a few out there with some of my thoughts on a few of them. We personally own everything I recommend, and I will never recommend something we don’t love! I will also link to any reviews we have done or Play with Me posts where we have featured the item on Totally Tots.

I am also a believer in LESS is MORE, so although I recommend things, please know that I don’t believe things make us happy…they are just a small addition to an already full life in Christ. I don’t in any way believe that Christmas is about stuff. I realize gifts are a natural part {especially from grandparents!}, and I love getting recommendations also, which is why I share with you! I may add to the list as I think of other ideas, so be sure to check back!

This is my list of ideas for tots, which is actually a wide range, gearing towards ages 1-3. I will link to everything where I find the best online price {most of the time it is Amazon}. Most links are affiliate links, some are not {if I am not affiliated with the particular company}. If you purchase anything through an affiliate link, you give back a percentage to our family…thanks!



  • Baby Bible ~ This is the best Bible we have for the really young tots with a short attention span!


Books {just a few of our favorites}




image  SongsforSaplings23


  • Signing Time ~ We have #1 {pictured below}, #2, and #3 and still love them all!
  • Praise Baby ~ even my boys still enjoy these, the praise music is simply beautiful and timeless.
  • Laurie Berkner ~ We LOVE this DVD, all of us!!!!

image15 image5 image10

Learning Toys

image[1] IMG_96422 image91[2] IMG_90051 IMG_29361 IMG_41661 image5112 IMG_1438copy6 image  image  image

In case you are visual like I am {all images are linked to Amazon}…

image16image23image2image151image171image42 image3111image29image35image49

Craft/Art/School/Tot Tray Supplies

IMG_0736_thumb2 IMG_03401 IMG_07531 IMG_0376_thumb2 image  image

The BIG Gift

  • Strider Bike ~ this would be awesome for age 2 and up {review here}
  • Plasma Car ~ I would suggest 3 and up for this, or a very physically able 2 year old, Ladybug is 2 1/2 and loves it but can’t ride it properly yet;-) {review here}
  • Bean Bag Chair ~ expensive but totally worth it, we use our 3 daily! {read our full review here}
  • Doll Furniture ~ I never would have guessed how much Ladybug would love her cradle, we are hoping to add the high chair to her collection! {review here}
  • Hideaway Kitchen ~ Last year L-bug got a plastic kitchen and yes she loves it, but we got this kitchen to review and we love it!  It is so much “prettier” and has better storage. {review here}
  • Riding Toy ~ every tot needs a good ol obnoxious, noise making, plastic riding/push toy! We personally have a Mickey Mouse one that Krash loved and now Ladybug loves! Ladybug is 2.5 and still lays with the silly toy ALL the time!

IMG_0703  IMG_0785  IMG_86286  image    IMG_65611  IMG_02152


I hope these lists help you as you purchase gifts for your own children or other children you love!


Looking for gift ideas for kids a bit older, check out Gift Ideas for Preschoolers !

{updated version coming soon}


I also have more gift ideas on my "What We Love" page on my website.

You can also visit our School Tools blog to see links to many items we own.  Click the favorites tab to see only the tops items we love!