Tot School ~ Pumpkins Again

~Ladybug is currently 30.5 months old~

I lied, I said we would be back to Tot School Printables this week, but after Relevant, I was totally wiped out and decided to slack it this week. As I am typing this, Letter Vv is printing for next week!


Tot-Trays2622222222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[1]

She continued to play with our fall sensory bin.  I ordered these tweezers when I posted the great deal Amazon was having {which is still active as I am writing this!} and she loves them.  They are really hard to squeeze but she still likes them a lot.IMG_6375

I tried to get her to work on ABCs again with the pom poms/cookie sheet, but she just wanted to make a B-I-G smiley face…IMG_6382

Magneatos were out a lot…IMG_6449

Domino fun…IMG_6457IMG_6466




We continued with pumpkin week, partly because I was slack, and partly because we didn’t finish our pumpkin stuff before I left for Relevant.  I got all of our printables from: my Pumpkin Preschool Pack, 2 Teaching Mommies, Confessions of a Homeschooler, and

Here she is coloring the pumpkins orange after we drew the faces in the “How is the Pumpkin Feeling” mini book…IMG_6360

Coloring pumpkins in the coloring book from 2 Teaching MommiesIMG_6363

Sorting and gluing pumpkins {mostly just gluing-didn’t really care much for sorting correctly}…IMG_6366

Tracing, tracing and more tracing!IMG_6421

IMG_6371 IMG_6374

My dad “Baba” came to visit and Ladybug was glued to him for the most part.  Here he was coloring pumpkins with her {purple lap tray is from Michaels}…

IMG_6414 IMG_6418


Life-School_thumb2Since the grandparents live far away, talking on the phone is a regular thing.  Ladybug is hilarious. While she was sitting in a box of beans I suggested we call Nanee…IMG_6489

I proceeded to snap a few shots of her in action while talking…

IMG_6506 IMG_6509

She spends a lot of timing being a little sass-pot.  Evidence…

IMG_6510 IMG_6513

This girl cracks me up {and makes me a bit crazy}.  I am praying she is getting all of the sass out of her system while she is young.  If she keeps this up, I am going to need a special place to hide when she is a preteen/teenager.



Cuddling with Baba.IMG_6409




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