Allume ~ The New Relevant

Many of you have heard me speak about my experience attending The Relevant Conference both in 2010, and again in 2011.  I am beyond humbled and honored to share that I have been asked to speak at the conference in 2012! To see my face amidst the faces surrounding mine, wow!


My focus will be Blogging through Homeschooling, I am nervous and very excited to see how God will use me.

Changes have been going on behind the scenes and I am excited to share something brand new with you…image is the new community that offers "Allume Social" (formerly Relevant) all year-round via the sharing of unique stories, blogging, podcasts, videos, and more.

You can read tons more about the changes and everything surrounding Allume on the new website!  Have fun browsing around and I hope to meet even more blogging pals in real life in 2012!

I am currently offline this week, this post was auto published, please forgive any errors there may be!

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